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Giantess Christmas Gift

What would make the perfect Christmas gift for a Giantess? YOU of course! Do you remember my shrink ray from Shrinking Fetish Phone Sex? Well, I used it to shrink you into the perfect holiday gift! Tis the season for giving *giggles*

Giantess Christmas Gift


Imagine waking up in a completely dark room. A very very unnaturally dark room. The muffled voices get louder, and you look around trying figure out where they are coming from, but the darkness of the room gives nothing away. Suddenly the room begins to shake violently, and your hands reach out to grasp for something.. anything to hold on to but your body tumbles along the walls of the room. Your feeling of helplessness grows as a terrible shredding sound fills your ears. The ripping sound suddenly stops and soft light filters in from above. Relieve you can finally make out your surroundings only to find they are just as blank.  The light from the ceiling increases to almost blinding and you shield them as you look up to see a…. giant face?!

Gift for a Giantess

Not just any giant face, but the giant face a beautiful giantess. Her eyes widen with surprise, and she lets out a loud squeal. You drop to your knees covering your ears as the sound pierces your eardrums.

“OMG, it’s a little man! I got a little man for Christmas!

Her large beautiful face comes closer, and her soft breath pushes you back a little. She peers into what you now realize must be a gift box. Her pretty lips form an “O” as she stares at you in fascination. Your entire body could fit in that “O” you realize and you begin scrambling to get away from her reaching fingers. Pressing your back against the wall, there is no escape.  She plucks you up out of the box by your shirt and gently places you in the palm of her hand. She brings her palm closer to her face. You look into her beautiful eyes, and suddenly your heart is no longer pounding frantically out of fear. You are feeling attracted to this beautiful giantess who has the power, to crush you but still handled you with extreme care.

See I told you, you would make the perfect gift! Want to find out what happens to you next give me a call. In the mean time stop,  Miss Harper’s Bi- Curious Christmas Pt2,  our Sugar Plum Femdom journey and enjoy!

Holiday Cock Tease Fairies

Welcome to your next stop in our Sugar Plum Femdom Journey!

sugar plum femdom

Holiday Cock Tease Fairies

The Holiday Cock Tease Fairies have come out to play, and you shall be our victim! We wait until you are sleeping deeply before we begin to tip toe our way up your body. Our naked feet were leaving little fairy footprints and fairy dust as we go! We are very tiny fairies, only about the size of your pinky finger. The perfect size for lots and lots of naughty mischief

Cock Tease Fairies of Fun

When we reach your cock, we stare up in awe. It’s so big the top of our heads barely reach the bottom of the large mushroom shaped head. We strip out of our fairy clothes, and we begin to touch and feel your cock with our tiny fairy hands. We play with stroke and tease your cock with small our fairy bodies. Rubbing ourselves against you as we gleefully dance around it! Naughtily climbing your cock to taste the pre-cum glistening at the top! Up and down we go our bodies getting more slippery with your slick and delicious pre-cum as we go.

Cock Tease & Denial Fairies

Every time we sense you’re about to explode we stop all stimulation. Giggling with delight, we eagerly wait to continue our fairy cock tease torment. Over and over again throughout the night we tease, tickle and edge you. Then when you can’t take it anymore, you finally erupt, bathing us in a fountain of sticky hot cum! As you slowly awaken your body feels weak as if you haven’t slept and your balls feel is if they have been drained and turned inside out! *Giggles” but by that point, we are long gone leaving tiny cum fairy footprints and fairy dust!

The next stop on your Sugar Plum Femdom Fantasy  Ride is with Miss Tabetha’s Oh Sissy Tree! Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

CFNM Holiday Jingle Bell Party!

CFNM Holiday Party

CFNM Holiday Day Fun!

Jingle, Jingle Jingle boys! Do you hear that? What is that jingling sound you’re hearing? Is it Santa’s sleigh? Hahaha, no silly! That would be your balls all tied up in jingle bells. My friends are having a holiday party, and you were the lucky man we invited! Did I mention it’s a holiday CFNM party?  You are standing there wearing nothing but cute little jingle bells wrapped around your balls! My friends and are dressed in sexy red Miss Santa outfits, and you are naked and on display for our entertainment!

Make Your Jingle Balls Jingle!

Now look at your cock, it’s so excited being completely exposed in the presence of such beautiful ladies. It’s time to put on a dance show for us! We want you to make your jingle balls jingle and tinkle! Move your hips and make your cock swing from side to side. Listen to us giggle as we tease your balls when they jingle! Now thrust your hips back and forth and let us hear them tinkle.

Horny Holiday Stroking Slut

Now my sexy lady friends and I must be thoroughly entertained so of course, we want to see you stroke your cock while you jingle those balls! Stand under our mistletoe while we circle you.  Slide your hands up and down, and stroke back and forth hear those bells jingle with every stroke. I bet you want to cum while my friends and I watch! *Giggles* no cumming yet! We are not ready the fun to end! But if you do want to jingle your balls for me, give me a call!


Yummy Cummy Candy Canes!

yummy cummy candy canes

Hello my Horny Holiday cum eaters! Candy canes are one of my absolute favorite treats this time of year. I love to lick the tip of the candy canes until it’s nice and sticky and then rub it on my nipples and tease some poor locked up chastity slut by making him clean up that yummy goodness! This year I thought of the another way to enjoy this delicious peppermint sweet. Yummy Cummy Candy Canes!


Yummy Cummy Candy Canes

Whether you’re already a thirsty jizz guzzling slut for me or you aspire to be and still a little shy about eating your sticky load, this festive cum eating assignment is for you!

You will need one candy cane, preferably large long and extra thick *giggle*, but a regular sized candy cane or even the little ones will do just fine also! You will also need a little bowl or shot glass of cum, and your throbbing hard cock!

Holiday Cum Eating

Now I want you to begin stroking your cock and get it nice hard. You know how you get when your really horny! You will do anything thing for me! What I want you to do is dip that candy cane in your little bowl of cum, swirl it around good. Make sure you coat the tip of that candy can in your sticky goodness, ( I know so naughty right?!) Now I want you suck it right off of that candy can and keep stroking. Yes you are going to be my yummy candy cum stroking slut. You are NOT allowed cum.. until you have licked up every single drop of cum from your candy cane cock, ahem… I mean treat hehehe.


Want to show off your Yummy Cummy Candy Cane sucking skills well give me a call and I will tell you exactly how I want you to stroke and eat your cum for me! Happy Holidays boys!



Reindeer Games!

reindeer games


Celebrate the holidays with our Enchanting Reindeer Game! It’s easy and fun to play. Call our dispatchers and tell them you want to sign up to play. Give us your name and an email address so we can let you know if you win a prize. We’ll put you on our Naughty Boy List. Then call and talk to the mistress of your choice during the contest.

The caller who does the most minutes overall during this time will get a great prize. The caller who does the longest call in one unbroken call will also win a prize. Runners up will receive smaller prizes.

Here are the simple rules:

  1. The contest starts Saturday, Dec. 3rd at 12:01 AM and ends Sunday, Dec. 11 at 11:59 PM. All times are East Coast time.Calls may be done with any ETE of your choice, subject to her availability.
  2. You must register to participate in the contest by telling the dispatcher and giving her your name and email address. Your email will be kept confidential and used ONLY for communications relating to this contest.
  3. Callers may pre-register at any time before the start of the contest or may register during the contest period.
  4. Only paid minutes will count toward contest minutes.
  5. Each caller’s total call time for the entire time of the contest will be aggregated after the end of the contest. You do not have to talk with the same ETE each time for your time to be counted. There will also be a contest for the longest individual call during the game. The longest individual call must be done with one mistress without any interruption.
  6. Winners will be advised of their win and prize via email during the week following the contest.
  7. Where applicable, prizes will be shipped to you once you provide a shipping address.
  8. All decisions as to prizes are final.
  9. A list of total times, excluding any caller identifying information, will be available if you wish to review it after prizewinners have been notified.
  10. Have loads of fun! Happy Holidays!