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CumEater New to Me but Not to Cum Eating

You boys know how I just love it when you eat your cum for me. I’m sure I’ve written about it at least once or twice. Okay maybe a lot more than that, giggles. But today I had a very eager, little cumeater call me and I just had to get on here to tell you all about him!

First Time caller to me but an experienced cum eater

He was a first time caller for me so I know he was kinda shy, but he politely  confessed he was a cum eater for Goddess Alyssa! I knew he was experienced because he had several thing ready for me to choose from for when he got to shoot that hot load of cum. I was impressed by his level of experience with being a cumeater.

A weeks worth of cum

He admitted to me that he wanted his first time with me to be EXPLOSIVE and held back from having an orgasm for a entire week. This meant there would be a massive about of cum for him to eat for me and I was THRILLED! I had him edge for me over and over until I knew he was about to lose his load!

CumEater swallowed it all

I pushed him as far as he could go and then instructed him to grab his shot glass……this experienced cumeater was ready to blow and shot the entire load into the shot glass and immediately put it to his lips and poured the cum in his mouth….oh but wait he did something I didn’t expect but loved he gargled with it!!! Then of course he swallowed every hot sticky drop of his cum down for me!

cumeater was the best ever

Enchantrix Audios Has a Brand SPANKING New Look!


New look for Our Fetish Audio store

Bend over boys, I have some exciting news to share with you! Our fetish audio store Enchantrix Audios has been updated and completely transformed with a brand spanking new look! Mmm, I love to give spankings! For those of you unfamiliar with our Erotic downloads store it has hundreds of premier erotic mp3s recorded live by the sexy mistresses of Enchantrix Empire, myself included!

Enchantrix Audios, Assignments, Ringtones & More!

Downloads in the Enchantrix Audios store are available for your listening (and stroking) pleasure Enchantrix Audios24 hours a day/ 7 days a week!  They are a great way to keep you going when you are unable to play with your favorite Mistress or want to get to know a mistress a better before calling.

Once you purchase an audio it is available for you to enjoy as many times you want, whenever and where ever you want!  Imagine travelling on a plane and listening to your sexy mistress tease your cock and no one else can hear her but you. Then later rushing to your hotel room to call and beg for permission to cum. The ultimate form of cock control, hahaha!

** 50% Discount on All Audios for the Month of July 2016! **


Currently I have two audios available for purchase with more coming soon! Check them out below and enjoy!

Coerced Airport Strapon Slut

Guided Masturbation Enchantment

Have any suggestions on what you want to see from me in the new and improved audio store? Send me an email or hit me up on twitter and share your ideas!





I Can Be a Prick Tease Too!

I can be a pricktease, too!

I can be a pricktease, too!

Hello Ms. Alyssa’s pets! I was so excited to be invited to hang out here. But I was really excited to be here because Ms. Alyssa makes me excited in general. Plus we have something in common. We love to tease! So I jumped at the chance to be with her here. I told her I can be a prick tease, too! So here I am, ready to join hands at teasing your prick.

Hands on approach

I know your sexy Mistress knows how to man handle your cock. She’s good like that! Who can resist her hot body, pretty face and wicked, wicked ways! She knows how to tease and I know you love to be tormented by a pricktease! Nothing better then a session of intense teasing. As much as you hate it, you love it!

Now, Ms. Alyssa is a prick tease princess and I adore that! I am a mature Mistress, so we play off each other very well. It’s always fun to mix up her youth and my experience. I mean, who doesn’t like to play in all different ways?

Shy and weak males

Those are the ones we especially like to play with. Those are the men who can’t resist a cocktease. We know that about you, we can almost smell it. It’s always pure pleasure for us to have you because you are the ones who definitely appreciate a strong, sexy Mistress and respond accordingly.

This, my pets, is why we love what we do and what we do to you!

Please check me out at Thank-you for having me, you sexy hottie Ms. Alyssa! xxoo

Are You SURE You’re Not a Cum Eater?

caught jerking off

We know you’re a cum eater!

Are You Still in Denial?

It’s Throwback Thursday!

Hehehe, You’re not a cum eater ūüėČ

You don’t want to eat your cum. ¬†You don’t want to dip your finger in the oozing sweetness of precum glistening on the tip of your penis. Your cock is NOT rock hard with fantasies of stroking exactly how I tell you to and your mouth is NOT watering at the thought of cumming on your face while I watch on cam. Watching your precum ooze out of the tip of your cock doesn’t make you want to smear it on your hand and rub it on your face. But look at how yummy it looks. So creamy. Maybe just one taste won’t hurt. Mmm and just maybe your mouth DOES water for a taste of that sweet dribble of jizz. ¬†Just a little taste from the tip of your cock. You want it.. you need it. That overwhelming urge to play with that sticky yummy cum. You want to taste your cum and you certainly DO want to eat your cum for me. So here’s your chance stroker.

It’s Time for a Cum Eating¬†Confession !

So boys, your Goddess wants to know, how many times have you stroked off to this recording. Call me and tell me all about how you love to lick up and swallow your cum (or anyone else’s *giggle*). ¬†Get on cam and show me how good you are at cumming on your own face! I want to hear from my devoted cum eaters and jizz guzzlers!

coerced cum eater

Shiny Pink Bikini Cock Tease Car Wash

cock Tease Princess Alyssa

My girlfriends and I are throwing a neighborhood car wash and we need a submissive water boy! Won’t you help us? Of course you will. Who can resist seeing me and my cock tease ¬†friends in skimpy bathing suits covered in slippery soapy bubbles. Who would say no to hosing us down and watching us play with each other in the water?

Cock tease needs a swim suit

You don’t have swim trunks? Oh that’s okay, I’m sure I have something you can use! But first you have to help me pick out which¬†swim suit I should wear! I walk past you into my bedroom, your eyes are drawn to the way my short jean skirt hugs my cute bottom. I bend over to look into my bottom drawer and your cock jumps when you see my lace panties¬†peeking out.

Help Me Pick Out a Bathing Suit

Okay here we are! I hold up a pink shiny string bikini in one hand and a pretty light blue in the other. Now which one do you like the most? Knowing you don’t enough control to see me in the string bikini, you point to the blue one. Also, you know me being a cock tease that blue is one of my favorite colors!

“O0o0, this is going to be so cute! Now turn around while I change!” You hear the quiet ruffle of me undressing and you shift trying to make your cock behave, but fail completely¬†when my panties suddenly land on your head. With a cheeky giggle I warn you not to peek. “No peeking!”¬†¬†After what seems like an eternity of waiting, I give you permission to turn around.

You turn to¬†find me posing in the little pink string bikini. I turn to the side and wiggle my ass¬†at you, my smile wide and ¬†flirtatious. I know I look spectacular. You try to swallow but your mouth is dry. All you manage to get out is “b-b-b blue”.

Putting You in a Bathing Suit

Oh?! You thought. ¬†Hahahahaha Are you wondering why I am wearing the pink bikini when you chose blue?. The¬†blue one is for you! You were picking which bathing suit YOU are going to wear. I hold up the bottoms to the blue bikini. Silly man! I don’t have any swim trunks lying around, but I did tell you I would come up with something, hahaha!

A few minutes later I eye your massive erection¬†stretching out my¬†little blue bikini. “Don’t worry, I will make it fit somehow!” ¬†I grab and squeeze it pushing this way and that way. But the more I pull and shove with my soft hands being a total cock tease ¬†the harder it¬†gets! ¬†Oh well, I’m sure the ladies won’t mind if you peek out!

Prick Tease Princess Alyssa