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Six Days to Feminization: Day One

Hello girly boys. So you feel you are ready to start your feminization  journey. This can sometimes be very overwhelming and you don’t know where to start! So I am going to be posting series of tips over the next 12 days to help you reach your goals. Did you know that even making small changes to your routine can make big impact on your feminization transformation.

Take Small Steps

So instead of trying to maybe big changes all at once, I’m going to give you six days of task I want you to incorporate into your daily routine. These feminization assignments help you get used to looking more feminine  and will also help to recondition your way of thinking over time to. Remember it’s not just about going through the motions and pretending you’re a girl. It’s about feeling that way on the inside and out!

This Week’s Feminization Task: Get your measurements

This week I want you to find a tape measure and learn how to measure your bust, waist and hips! Then I want you to write down your girly measurements and keep them in your wallet or smartphone or somewhere you can access the measurements when you are shopping for your first set of panties and bra! I know so exciting right! Lingerie sizes  vary greatly depending on brand and store. Your cute sissy girl figure may be a size 8 in one brand of panties and then be a size 12 in a different brand in the same store!

Need some guidance with this task?

I am always happy to help someone bring out the inner girl in them and I am just a call away if you need assistance with this feminization task.


feminization steps



Eat Your Cum For Me

You may have expressed your desire to eat your cum. The thought of swallowing your cum gets you excited and turned out. However, after you cum you find yourself losing the urge to eat your cum. Don’t worry you’re not alone! A lot of my callers have the same problem, but I’ve helped them and I know I can help you too.

Don’t Hesitate to Swallow

When you start cumming, I want you to swallow when that first squirt hits your tongue or lands in your hand or wherever you shot that load. Don’t wait for your cock to finish shooting your entire load. Remember, even if you only swallow a little bit of cum you are still a cum eater!

With your legs over your head

Some of you are flexible enough to put your legs over your head with your cock pointed at your mouth. This is the perfect way for you to eat your cum. So mouth open, tongue out and no matter where the cum lands whatever gets on your tongue immediately swallow it down!

Did You Eat your Cum?

Did these tips on cum eating help you lick up and swallow that yummy jizz? Well then congratulations you are a cum eater. Part of an exclusive group of jizz junkies and well on your way to being a cum eating slut! For those of you still having trouble with eating that yummy cum, I’m here to help you! All you have to is pick the phone and tell me you want to eat your cum.

Eat your cum





Strapon Whore

You and I both know that deep down you are a strapon whore. I’ve seen the way you admire it, as it dangles between my legs. The only thing better than seducing you to take a strap-on for me is, seducing you to take a strap-on AND you loving it.

You may want it rough but…

The idea of me breaching you, stretching you, filling your ass with my thick and powerful cock is so hot. I know you want me to fuck you raw and rough, to pound your ass pussy until you’re sore. However, I rather like your ass, and I want to be gentle and to take my time to fuck that ass in a more passionate way so that you are eager and ready to fuck on my command.

Lube is a must

As much as you strapon whores love to be pounded and stuffed you have to remember that lube is a must! Not just enough lube to make it slippery and easier for me to fuck the living hell out of you, but also to keep things from being damaged so that I can use your ass anytime I want.

Strapon whore confessions

As I mentioned you don’t even need to tell me, the very look in your eyes lets me know you’re  a strap on whore,*giggle*,  but hearing you say the words, Mistress I am a strapon whore please fuck me, is exciting and exhilarating. You know I’m all to happy to fill that horny ass!  Oh and keep in mind that in order to be the ultimate strap on whore you don’t HAVE to take it rough…just the fact you like it in your ass is enough to be a my little slut!

strapon whore loves cock


Teasing Tuesday a New weekly blog

I decided that since I love being a cock tease so much that I would share each week a highlighted tease post right here on my blog. Every Tuesday you will be able to find a new post about a tease topic…these can range from cock teasing to cuckold teasing and everything in between.

This weeks teasing Tuesday Post

I ran across this awesome essay about extreme cock teasing what I found so hot about this post is just how many guys like it to be extreme. I bet several of you readers are thinking oh yes babe tease me till I am weak and begging! I love it!

Women in my position you know sexy , young , confident we know how to make men horny without even trying, hell they throw themselves at us. Oh and be warned boys when I catch you staring I will tease you just to make you squirm!

So if you are a man who loves to be teased without the guarantee of being pleased you know that my sexy friends and I are all to happy to make you horny and hard all while smiling our wicked grins!

Ready to be teased? Ready for a fun cock teasing experience or even an extreme one? Well I am ready the question is are you *giggles*

Teasing Tuesday



Sissy Selfie: dress up and take one for me

OoOo! Look at you such a pretty sissy girl! All dressed up and looking so very girly today, I think with all the hard work  you have put into your sissy transformation that it  has definitely paid off! So lets have some fun I want you to take a sissy selfie for me!

Dress up snap a selfie

Now it is time for you to get into your sissy best that can be slutty or super girlie or whatever you like. Get into a pose and snap a sissy selfie for your Mistress….don’t forget to smile girls! Do you know what duck lips are girls? That is where you pucker up and blow a kiss at the camera! Oh but be sure to have on some sexy sissy lipstick to make those lips look hot and juicy!

Post your sissy selfie

Now I know it is no fun to take a selfie and NOT share it with everyone I mean after all that’s hat we do with selfies right? So here is your sissy challenge, after you snap your sexy sissy selfie I want you to post it on your social media accounts like twitter and tumblr. Once you have done this please let me know because I want to share your sissy selfie with all my followers!

Keep it classy girls

Now I know some of you girls are total sissy sluts….but if we are going to have some fun doing selfies you have to keep it classy girls! No clitty shots no pussy shots in fact no nudity you naughty girls! Oh but a sexy pair of panties and matching sissy bra is totally acceptable and in fact encouraged!

Follow me on social media so I can share

Now that you have taken your sissy selfie, and you have shared it on your social media accounts it I time to follow me so I can share your pictures with the world! Follow me on twitter @AlyssaOwnsYou_ and on Tumblr I am

sissy selfie Mistress Alyssa