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Sexy 2 Mistress Promo


2 Mistress Masturbation May Promo

2 Mistress Bliss

Hello Boys

Summer is just around the corner and the weather’s not the only thing getting hot and steamy around here. ¬†Especially when I find myself ¬†thinking of a sexy mouth watering brunette that loves trouble as much as I do. What is Masturbation May without wreaking a little mayhem with sexy besty¬†Brighton of Those of you who’ve been caught between us in our wicked web know how wild things get when we’re together!

Alyssa & Bright 2 Mistress Promo

We love getting together so much we put together a  2 mistress promo just for you lucky guys and (ahem) sissy girls *giggle*!  Starting right now, you can do a purchase a 2 mistress call with Brighton and I and you will receive 5 minutes free! Purchase a 10 minute call with us and that means we have 15 minutes to play, if you purchase 15 minutes that means we have you in our kinky clutches for 20 minutes! You get the idea

Alyssa(14) tint


We’ve Got you now… ūüėČ

We know you won’t be able to resist our tempting team up. So the only question that remains is what are we going to do with you? Hehe, you’re going to have to calls us to find out! ¬†Whether we are teasing your cock with our dirty words ¬†or dressing you up and making you masturbate your sissy¬†clitty while you watch us make out. We might paint your dick in glow in the dark paint and make you stroke with a shrunken hand! Just being in the presence of two beautiful dominant¬†Goddess will keep you in orgasmic bliss.

We make the ultimate dynamic duo when it comes to teasing your stiff dick of destiny!

Wreaking Masturbation May-hem

pussy licking


Look how far we’ve come pet. Since I caught you masturbating with your girlfriend’s favorite toy! And now I. Own. Your. Cock. Hahaha.

Caught Jerking Off

You didn’t count on your girlfriend giving me permission to borrow her shoes. She told me I could pick them up whenever and that you wouldn’t be up to anything. Just stop by, she says. But you certainly were up to something. ¬†You were busy stroking that needy cock, you didn’t notice me standing there until the naughty deed was done and I saw the whole thing! ¬†I caught you jacking off with her favorite plushie! Hmm, can you imagine ¬†what she’s going think of you when finds out?

No, please don’t tell her? Um.. this is too good to NOT tell. ¬†Ooo are begging you me now? *Giggles* I do love it when you beg. Well, maybe there is something we can work out ūüėČ

So this is how things are going to. You do things my way and we can keep this our little secret. ¬†Your girlfriend doesn’t have to know.

My Masturbation May-hem Perv Boy

Since I know you have very little limits when it comes to playing with your cock. You are going to be my Masturbation May-hem jack off boy toy. Hahaha, for the rest of May your cock belongs to me. You will stroke your¬†needy cock¬†for me whenever I tell you to. You will stroke exactly how I tell you to, and you will only orgasm¬†when I give you permission you. ¬†We are going to take stroking field trips,¬†I’m going to give you stroking assignments and if you are a good boy, well maybe your girlfriend doesn’t have to know what a dirty stroking slut you are!

Masturbation May Stroking Slave

Now let’s see how good you are at following my directions. Strip. I like my pets completely naked when serving me. Yes right here, in¬†front of the open window.¬†I’m going to edge you and make you squirm and having you stroking until tears are running down your face then with the need to cum! Will I let you cum? Not anytime soon, I haven’t had a chance to pass you around to my friends yet!

Trust me, this is only the beginning! Now it’s time to pass the penis to your next stop on your Masturbation May-hem ride.

Miss Delia’s¬† blog going to may your cock throb in the most humiliating and painful ways!


Sissy Cock Sucking is a Messy Job

sissy cock sucking for Goddess Alyssa

Sissy Cock Sucking

You can act shy if you want, but it’s going to happen. If you’re a sissy, Sissy¬†cock sucking for you is inevitable. Whether it is my lovely pink strap-on dangling between my legs or a long thick shaft attached to a virile¬†hard bodied stud. YOU. WILL. SUCK. COCK! Something about that large spectacular cock that draws you to it. It’s enchanting and it calls to every fiber of your being. It makes your clitty twitch and your entire body flush with the excitement¬†of wrapping your lips around it! Mmm, I just know you’re licking your lips¬†right now from the thought.

Sucking Cock is a Messy Job

So now that we’ve established that one way or another you will be my little sissy¬†cock sucker *giggle* There will be no holding back. At first, you may try to figure out the best way to get that large dick in your mouth, but don’t worry, your sissy¬†fuck holes will stretch to accommodate just about any girth!

You may feel that it’s not very lady-like to make such a mess. I mean, after all, girls are supposed to be tidy. However, now is NOT the time to be a neat little pansy¬†bitch cock sucker¬†hahahaha!¬†No no no, it’s time to let your saliva slick up his cock. Spit on it, drool on it, ¬†slather it with your throat slime. Trust me he will love it. ¬†His cock deserves to be worshipped by your pretty sissy¬†lips!

That’s what it’s all about. His pleasure and his satisfaction and for the ultimate amusement of your mistress!



Stuffed Toy Humper & Plushie Unicorn Masturbation

Increase your cum load

Girlfriend’s Out of Town

Your girlfriends out of town, so jerking off has been your favorite past time of choice lately.

Six days of jerking off and your hand is not quite doing if for you anymore is it? You need the feel of something soft and yielding grinding against your cock to get you off. Oh but you’re in the moment and you don’t want to move too far. Your eyes land on your girlfriend’s stuffed unicorn. No, you tell yourself. That would be wrong on so many levels.

But oooh it looks so soft. and your cock is so hard. The white shimmering fur would feel amazing against your stiff shaft! You look at the plush unicorn toy and it looks back at you with its’s large embroidered purple eyes with an almost an innocent expression. ¬†Almost like it’s asking for a good humping. Next think you know, ¬†you’re holding it up to your nose. It even smells like your girlfriend. That faint feminine musk fills up your nostrils and ¬†your cock twitches with excitement.



Plushie Unicorn Masturbation Humper

Oh yeah, this is going to feel so good. Mmmm you are so ready, just a few strokes, that’s all it should take to send you over the orgasm edge.¬†¬†Your girlfriend will never have to know. Positioning the unicorn so it’s facing you, you guide your cock between it’s two front legs and you pump that plush unicorn softness against your cock. Faster and faster, you’re really fucking that little plushie good. You squeeze a little harder and you hear it squeak. ¬†IT SQUEAKS?! ¬†You hump it even faster make it squeak along with your thrust. Squeak¬†Squeak Squeak! That’s right, make that little toy your bitch! Then it finally happens. Your cock explodes so hard your toes curl and feels like your balls are being turned inside out. Wow, that was intense! Looks like you’ve found a new masturbation buddy while your girlfriends away! Feeling guilty and kind of like a perv you drop the cum covered stuffed animal across the room promising yourself you’ll wash it later and girlfriend will be none the wiser! Hahaha, we’ll see about that!



CFNM Black Light Art Show Part 1

CFNM Black Light Party by Goddess Alyssa


**Click here to listen to me read this post to you!**

Pretty girls with lots of naked fun. He didn’t mention it was CFNM kind! Maybe he didn’t know or maybe¬†or maybe he did know and he set you up!

That’s what our mutual friend tells you when he asks you to volunteer at an art exhibit. He couldn’t make it back in town in time and asked you to do him a huge favor and take his place. It’s a last minute request but he tells you there will be lots of pretty girls there and so of course you agree!

CFNM Art Exhibit

When you arrive you’re informed by myself, the artist, that all the paintings were done with black light paint. It’s a Black Light Art Show. How creative!

Feeling pretty good about yourself, you follow me over to the middle of the showroom. I instruct you to raise your hands high up in the air and grab the metal handles so your arms won’t get tired. As soon as you grab the handles bondage cuffs extend out and enclose around your wrist. You try¬†to yank your wrist free. “Relax those are just to keep your arms from getting tired and slipping” Now I’m going to turn on a black light.

With the show starting soon I excuse myself to get ready. While you’re alone you begin to relax daydreaming of the sexy naked girls you were promised!

You tense up again when I enter the room with two other ladies and march, military style, towards you. The black light bouncing off of our tight little¬†skirts and skimpy halter tops in brilliant colors of vibrant oranges, greens, purples and pinks ¬†We surround you, pressing our bodies against you and begin running our fingers over you. You hear your pants unzipping and you think to yourself:¬†I’m about to get the blow job of my life. I ¬†wrap my arms around your neck kissing you while my friends pull your pants down exposing your painfully hard cock.

Mmm, seems like your cock is about to get some up close and personal attention! Keep an eye out for part 2 of this sexy CFNM tale ūüôā

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