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Putting Sissy Into Panties


Ultimate Femdom Friendship Listen to me read this post to you!

So you might have heard by now how I became fast friends with the Experienced Mistress Olivia. With our mutual love for feminizing submissive effeminate men, can you really say you’re surprised? If anything, you must be nervous! You’re in our . . . → Read More: Putting Sissy Into Panties

Sissy Bimbo Cum Slut – Role Play Fantasy

Role Play Fantasy Slut

What I love about role play is that it is the ultimate form of safe sex! You can be anything you want and you can do anything you want.  Or should I say you can be and do anything I want *giggle* Even be my sissy bimbo . . . → Read More: Sissy Bimbo Cum Slut – Role Play Fantasy

The Sissy Purge

Where’s My Sissy Boy

I can’t help but chuckle when I talk to femboy callers of mine, who may have been absent for  quite a while. I ask them, where have you been?! I’ve missed playing with you! The truth is I do miss them! With all my heart. Of course, they immediately feel . . . → Read More: The Sissy Purge

Alyssa & Brighton’s Sissy Pool Party!

Cum join Mistress Brighton & Princess Alyssa’s Sissy Pool Party 1-800-601-6975

Have you ever wondered what it’s like having a beautiful woman humiliate you and turn you into a sissy? From a beautiful woman’s perspective, it’s a lot of fun; from a Brighton and Alyssa perspective, it’s an opportunity to entertain ourselves with . . . → Read More: Alyssa & Brighton’s Sissy Pool Party!

Sissy Husband Surprise Party Part 3

Strapon Candles

This time when the blindfold is removed it takes a minute for your eyes to adjust to the dimly lit room. The lovely glow of candle light comes into focus and you look around to find the women standing around you forming a circle. They are all wearing strapons of various lengths and thickness . . . → Read More: Sissy Husband Surprise Party Part 3