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Holiday Cock Tease Fairies

Welcome to your next stop in our Sugar Plum Femdom Journey!

The Holiday Cock Tease Fairies have come out to play, and you shall be our victim! We wait until you are sleeping deeply before we begin to tip toe our way up your body. Our naked feet were leaving little fairy . . . → Read More: Holiday Cock Tease Fairies

CFNM Holiday Jingle Bell Party!

CFNM Holiday Day Fun!

Jingle, Jingle Jingle boys! Do you hear that? What is that jingling sound you’re hearing? Is it Santa’s sleigh? Hahaha, no silly! That would be your balls all tied up in jingle bells. My friends are having a holiday party, and you were the lucky man we invited! Did . . . → Read More: CFNM Holiday Jingle Bell Party!

Yummy Cummy Candy Canes!

Hello my Horny Holiday cum eaters! Candy canes are one of my absolute favorite treats this time of year. I love to lick the tip of the candy canes until it’s nice and sticky and then rub it on my nipples and tease some poor locked up chastity slut by making him clean . . . → Read More: Yummy Cummy Candy Canes!

Reindeer Games!


Celebrate the holidays with our Enchanting Reindeer Game! It’s easy and fun to play. Call our dispatchers and tell them you want to sign up to play. Give us your name and an email address so we can let you know if you win . . . → Read More: Reindeer Games!

Sissy Cuckold Fantasy Roleplay Part 3

Here is part three in my Sissy Cuckold Fantasy Roleplay where YOU help me decide what happens next! Kisses to Petey Cream Puff for inspiring this latest installment, but I would like to thank you ALL for your input! If you are just joining us, don’t forget to check out Cuckold Roleplay Fantasy One and Two!

Sissy . . . → Read More: Sissy Cuckold Fantasy Roleplay Part 3