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Sissy Clitty Tingles

sissy clitty


Hello, sissy girls and girly boys! What are sissy clitty tingles? They are the tingling feeling or the shivers you get when something arouses you or gets you hot and bothered.  You may notice that your skin gets flushed and your nipples tighten and harden. It doesn’t sound very masculine, does it? Of course not silly… you are NOT a man! *Giggles*

What Causes Sissy Clitty Tingles?

Now, what causes those special tingles you ask?  Mmm, it could be you imagining the way your sissy panties feel against your shaved bare sissy clit, or maybe the thought of me standing over you, rubbing my fat strap-on against your lovely face! Sometimes there’s no reason at all!  

What do when you feel that tingling

I bet you are beginning to feel it right now! What should you do when you get your sissy clitty tingles? Oh, I think you know girlie… when your sissy clitty tingles, it’s time to put on your panties and call me. I love to tease your tiny clit and remind you of how you feel so girlie and very sissy. I will tell you exactly how to rub that little nub!






5 comments to Sissy Clitty Tingles

  • Pink

    This was adorable, thank you for writing it. :-*

  • Sissy Donn(a)

    Hello Mistress Alyssa, so glad to see you posting again. It got me to change into my pink panties and got my sissy clitty tingling.What would you have me do now??

  • Petey cream puff

    I get that feeling when I wear my panties/bra/lipstick/perfumes/lotions/
    dresses/leggings/boots/yoga pants and anything in women’s clothes especially since I started wearing silk blouses. I admit I’m a cream puff girl who gets turned on doing this and I’m glad I found women that’s dresses me up measured/fitted me in bra and said she will help me with makeup/lipsticks on monthly basis. There’s not more hot then having this happen to me and love how women do this to guys.

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