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Prostate Milking

The Cocktease’s Dilemma

One of the downsides to being a Princess Prick Tease is that sooner or later, you will probably be allowed to cum.  If you’ve been a really good stroker and pleased your Mistress, I may reward you.  Maybe I’m just sick of hearing your begging and whining and I take . . . → Read More: Prostate Milking

Face Sitting Prick Tease

My Favorite Way To Tease Your Prick

You know how much I like to tease and deny you – I am the Prick Tease Princess after all!  You know, though, teasing and denying you is kind of a one-way street.  I stroke and edge your cock, making you desperate, making you whine, making you . . . → Read More: Face Sitting Prick Tease