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Sissy Husband Surprise Party

Caught in Panties

It was eerily quiet when you arrived home. It’s been two weeks to the day since your wife caught you in panties. This morning you receive a text from her with a picture of her in a pink baby doll: Happy Birthday Husband..Meet me at home for a Special Surprise 💋💋. Odd.. your birthday is . . . → Read More: Sissy Husband Surprise Party

Two Mistress Call for the Price of One 💋


Two-Mistresses, Twice the Teasing, Double the Bliss 1-800-601-6975

Mark your calendar boy toys and sissy sluts, because we have a special treat just for you!

Summer may be almost over but here at Enchantrix Empire,  things are just heating up! We are sending things into overdrive with the hottest summer time promotion . . . → Read More: Two Mistress Call for the Price of One 💋

The Amazing Shrinking Cock

Chronic Masturbator

Are you at it again? You’ve been masturbating your cock all hours of the day and night. You just can’t keep your hands off your penis! It’s always demanding your attention at the most inappropriate times and places. I’m amazed that a you’re able to get anything done. Luckily for you, your Cock Control Goddess has the . . . → Read More: The Amazing Shrinking Cock

The Shaving and Shaming of a Tiny Dick

Small, Pink, and Naked.

Oh wow you actually shaved your tiny dick. What exactly were you trying to accomplish by that? Impress me with a small naked penis?  Oh, I see you were hoping that by shaving your tiny man cock and berry balls you could make them look bigger!?  Hahaha! How naive you are! Shaving . . . → Read More: The Shaving and Shaming of a Tiny Dick

Let’s Play Pass the Penis!


The Ultimate Cock Control Game

Want to Play Pass the Penis? 1-800-356-6169

Guess what Boy Toys and Sissy sluts?!

It’s time to play *dramatic drum roll please* Pass the Penis!

What is Pass the Penis you ask…? It’s a super fun game of cock teasing and orgasm denial where YOU are passed around from . . . → Read More: Let’s Play Pass the Penis!