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Stuffed Toy Humper & Plushie Unicorn Masturbation

Increase your cum load

Girlfriend’s Out of Town

Your girlfriends out of town, so jerking off has been your favorite past time of choice lately.

Six days of jerking off and your hand is not quite doing if for you anymore is it? You need the feel of something soft and yielding grinding against your cock to get you off. Oh but you’re in the moment and you don’t want to move too far. Your eyes land on your girlfriend’s stuffed unicorn. No, you tell yourself. That would be wrong on so many levels.

But oooh it looks so soft. and your cock is so hard. The white shimmering fur would feel amazing against your stiff shaft! You look at the plush unicorn toy and it looks back at you with its’s large embroidered purple eyes with an almost an innocent expression.  Almost like it’s asking for a good humping. Next think you know,  you’re holding it up to your nose. It even smells like your girlfriend. That faint feminine musk fills up your nostrils and  your cock twitches with excitement.



Plushie Unicorn Masturbation Humper

Oh yeah, this is going to feel so good. Mmmm you are so ready, just a few strokes, that’s all it should take to send you over the orgasm edge.  Your girlfriend will never have to know. Positioning the unicorn so it’s facing you, you guide your cock between it’s two front legs and you pump that plush unicorn softness against your cock. Faster and faster, you’re really fucking that little plushie good. You squeeze a little harder and you hear it squeak.  IT SQUEAKS?!  You hump it even faster make it squeak along with your thrust. Squeak Squeak Squeak! That’s right, make that little toy your bitch! Then it finally happens. Your cock explodes so hard your toes curl and feels like your balls are being turned inside out. Wow, that was intense! Looks like you’ve found a new masturbation buddy while your girlfriends away! Feeling guilty and kind of like a perv you drop the cum covered stuffed animal across the room promising yourself you’ll wash it later and girlfriend will be none the wiser! Hahaha, we’ll see about that!



5 comments to Stuffed Toy Humper & Plushie Unicorn Masturbation

  • Empress Rayne

    Oh this post is sooo much fun! How naughty and kinky he got with that plush toy! Not the first I’ve heard of this actually. I had a friend who had a stuffed elephant, and oh the things that happened to his little plush trunk on a slow night. Makes one wonder why that unicorn had that musky smell anyway? Hmmmm…sounds like this couple may be two of a kind!

  • Ashley

    That was really cute lol ^.^

  • Did I ever enjoy this post, Ms. Alyssa! You painted a most amusing mental image that made me snicker like crazy!

    I’m with Ms. Rayne on wondering about the presence of that musky smell. Does someone have a secret of her own??? Perhaps a M-F-unicorn threesome lies somewhere down the road. Wouldn’t that be something surely neither of them ever saw coming?! Of course, that would definitely be one way to add some spice to their sex life…

  • I can hear that toy squeaking in my head and I am cracking up. Hi-Larious! I think the girlfriend is definitely going to find out. You know how men are, they’ll forget and lose yet another valuable brain cell directly after cumming, and then have to explain why squeaky unicorn is covered in elmer’s spunk!

  • LOL there are sooooooooo many guys who do this kind of thing it’s not even funny. And what’s even funnier is that they think we don’t know about it. Sorry guys. The jig is up! There really should be a club for plushie humpers out there with a membership card and everything. Their symbol could even be the unicorn!

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