yummy cummy candy canes

Hello my Horny Holiday cum eaters! Candy canes are one of my absolute favorite treats this time of year. I love to lick the tip of the candy canes until it’s nice and sticky and then rub it on my nipples and tease some poor locked up chastity slut by making him clean up that yummy goodness! This year I thought of the another way to enjoy this delicious peppermint sweet. Yummy Cummy Candy Canes!


Yummy Cummy Candy Canes

Whether you’re already a thirsty jizz guzzling slut for me or you aspire to be and still a little shy about eating your sticky load, this festive cum eating assignment is for you!

You will need one candy cane, preferably large long and extra thick *giggle*, but a regular sized candy cane or even the little ones will do just fine also! You will also need a little bowl or shot glass of cum, and your throbbing hard cock!

Holiday Cum Eating

Now I want you to begin stroking your cock and get it nice hard. You know how you get when your really horny! You will do anything thing for me! What I want you to do is dip that candy cane in your little bowl of cum, swirl it around good. Make sure you coat the tip of that candy can in your sticky goodness, ( I know so naughty right?!) Now I want you suck it right off of that candy can and keep stroking. Yes you are going to be my yummy candy cum stroking slut. You are NOT allowed cum.. until you have licked up every single drop of cum from your candy cane cock, ahem… I mean treat hehehe.


Want to show off your Yummy Cummy Candy Cane sucking skills well give me a call and I will tell you exactly how I want you to stroke and eat your cum for me! Happy Holidays boys!