Looking for Goddess?

looking for Goddess

**2023 My availability for Fall 2023!!**

Looking for your cock tease Goddess?

I am available early evenings until early morning hours Saturday through Thursday . Yes, I’m kind of a night owl now! The days are already getting shorter and the nights a little chillier especially since I live in the mountains, I’m looking forward to cozying up and teasing your horny cock to help keep me warm.  If a daytime appointment works better for you I would love to make it. Send me an email via alyssa@enchantrixempire.com and allow me 24 hours to get reply. I usually reply sooner!

Sometimes my schedule is subject to change depending on what plans I’ve made for the day, so if you don’t see me on and would like to speak with me, you can visit Live Help to check if I’m available to sign in for your call!

Discord Availability

I’m on discord! If you would like to do a session via discord please email me directly  or check with live help me first. I don’t always have discord up, due how distracting it may be during calls. My discord is AlyssaOwnsYou.

Skype Availability

Between calls and texting sessions I’m usually available on Skype to set up Sexting texting or View your Cam sessions! My username is EnchantrixAlyssa. I want to hear from you! Feel free to briefly message me about the type of call you’re looking for or just to say hi 🙂 Just know if I don’t answer you immediately I may be busy or away from my computer. Please leave a message or send me an email. I will try to respond in 24 hours.

For Skype, I usually on sign on right before I do Sexting texting or Cam Viewing Sessions, please email me directly or contact Live Help, our live help desk to set up Skype Session!

How to Schedule Appointments & Call Backs

I do take appointments outside the above times! Send me an email at alyssa@enchantrixempire.com and we can set up a time that fits your schedule!

Been waiting patiently for Goddess to finish a call? You can schedule a call back! That means as soon I’m done with my current session, you will be next in line and I will call you back as soon as I’m done! This alleviates the horny frustration of just missing that short window between calls to be next! Dial 1-800-601-6975 to speak with our friendly dispatchers and they will be happy to schedule a call back for you.