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Coerced Airport Strapon Slut

Hello! Below is an introduction to my new full-length audio Airport Strapon Slut! This audio is an intensely sexual roleplay fantasy with coerced strapon play and feminization!

Your Shiny New Toy

You are flying out on a  business trip and you decided to have some naughty fun during your week-long hotel stay by purchasing a . . . → Read More: Coerced Airport Strapon Slut

You’re Not a Cum Eater

Hehehe, You’re not a cum eater 😉

You don’t want to eat your cum.  You don’t want to dip your finger in the oozing sweetness of precum glistening on the tip of your penis. Your cock is NOT rock hard with fantasies of stroking exactly how I tell you to and your mouth is . . . → Read More: You’re Not a Cum Eater