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Fuck By a Fembot Pt 2

Fembot Alyssa 1-800-601-6975

A Cock Made of Chrome..

Watching’ the impressive show of strength by the sexy fembot  should have frightened you, but you find yourself thinking she’s incredible hot.  She approaches you and lifts you up with one hand. “I will insert disciplinary tracking device now” she informs you in a cheerful . . . → Read More: Fuck By a Fembot Pt 2

Fucked By a Fembot Part 1

Dangerous & Seductive…

Super Secret Fembot Project

I am your girlfriend, and I work for a leading computer science company that just landed a lucrative government contract! This company’s top competitor is very envious and has offered you a lot of money to find out information about a super secret fembot project.  Initially you try to . . . → Read More: Fucked By a Fembot Part 1