Fembot Alyssa

Fembot Alyssa 1-800-601-6975

A Cock Made of Chrome..

Watching’ the impressive show of strength by the sexy fembot  should have frightened you, but you find yourself thinking she’s incredible hot.  She approaches you and lifts you up with one hand. “I will insert disciplinary tracking device now” she informs you in a cheerful robotic voice. That’s when you see a very large shiny probe emerge glistening from between her legs. It was long with little raised bumps covering it from base to tip

“What hell is that” You ask, not liking the look of it. Fully extended the probe eerily resembled a very large erect penis.  Suddenly a thick milky white fluid oozing out of the tip and tiny pores on the surface of the shaft, coating the massive shaft completely. Upon seeing that you feel chills run up your spine but before you can react, you are suddenly flipped over and bent over the office chair. You hear a tearing sound as she rips off your pants and boxers in one motion and then feel something cold and hard probing at your ass.

Fembot Fuckery…

“For safe insertion of anal tracking device. Please remain still to avoid injury.”

Anal tracking… wait, wait no! You cry.” Then you feel the thick iron penis begin to penetrate your ass filling you and stretching your ass beyond belief. As the monstrous metal dildo presses against your prostate it begins to vibrate, bringing your erection back to life with a vengeance . Despite your helpless struggles she holds your hips still while the vibrating against your prostate intensifies. In one final effort to unseat her, you buck your hips hard. That only results in the invading metal cock sinking deeper. Then without warning, you feel yourself cum, crying out and humping your hips in pure pleasure. Your prostate completely milked and your cock softening into a limp spent piece of flesh.

“Tracking Device insert will administer disciplinary measures for the next 4 hours. Have a nice day!” My fembot body double informs you pleasantly as she unsheathes her cock from your tight ass.

Caught With Your Pants Down…

You hear someone clear their throat and a soft chuckle and you look up to see me standing in the doorway with two of my gorgeous female coworkers!

Want to find out what kind of delicious discipline, the fembot device dishes out? Keep an eye out for part 3 of Fucked by A Fembot and if you haven’t already click here to read part 1 of this Fembot tale of fuckery!