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Sissy Clitty Tingles


Hello, sissy girls and girly boys! What are sissy clitty tingles? They are the tingling feeling or the shivers you get when something arouses you or gets you hot and bothered.  You may notice that your skin gets flushed and your nipples tighten and harden. It doesn’t sound very masculine, does it? . . . → Read More: Sissy Clitty Tingles

Reindeer Games!


Celebrate the holidays with our Enchanting Reindeer Game! It’s easy and fun to play. Call our dispatchers and tell them you want to sign up to play. Give us your name and an email address so we can let you know if you win . . . → Read More: Reindeer Games!

Cuckold Roleplay Fantasy Part 2

You’ve all been waiting for it! Here it is! The next scene in our cuckold roleplay fantasy where YOU decide what happens next! Thanks for the awesome responses and I have to say, boys, you all have very dirty minds

Alyssa was out with her friends tonight. There was no telling when she would be . . . → Read More: Cuckold Roleplay Fantasy Part 2

Sexy 2 Mistress Promo


2 Mistress Bliss

Hello Boys

Summer is just around the corner and the weather’s not the only thing getting hot and steamy around here.  Especially when I find myself  thinking of a sexy mouth watering brunette that loves trouble as much as I do. What is Masturbation May without wreaking a little . . . → Read More: Sexy 2 Mistress Promo

Wreaking Masturbation May-hem


Look how far we’ve come pet. Since I caught you masturbating with your girlfriend’s favorite toy! And now I. Own. Your. Cock. Hahaha.

Caught Jerking Off

You didn’t count on your girlfriend giving me permission to borrow her shoes. She told me I could pick them up whenever and that you wouldn’t . . . → Read More: Wreaking Masturbation May-hem