Sissy Toys & Femboys


Are you a sissy?

Lol, you clicked on the link didn’t you? I bet you couldn’t even stop yourself. I’m sure you may have tried to avoid clicking over the link that said Sissy Toys & Femboys. But your finger went right to it and look here you are!  Just like you couldn’t resist trying on those frilly pink panties, or slipping into a bra you couldn’t resist submitting to your Feminization Mistress. So the answer is Yes you are a sissy. You want to be stripped naked and dressed up like a frilly sissy boy by a beautiful Mistress.

*Free Feminization Audios by Goddess Alyssa*


Ready to be Goddess Alyssa's fully freminized and regressed Sissy Princess? 1-800-601-6975

Ready to be Goddess Alyssa’s fully freminized and regressed Sissy Princess? 1-800-601-6975

Sissy Dress Up Time

What’s more humiliating than to be completely regressed, stripped naked  then dressed up like a frilly sissy doll by your beautiful Goddess? When you’re dressed regressed, stripped, and feminized by Goddess and her pretty friends of course!  For me, sissy boys are live dolls and I love to show of my pretty play things *giggle*! The funniest thing of all is that you want it too! I know your secret! You secretly want to be transformed into a cute little Bimbo Blow up Doll or an adorable Frilly Sissy Princess Pillow Humper, or a Slutty Sissy Suck Toy! Hahaha, the possibilities are endless!

Now let’s play! Dial 1-800-601-6975 and ask dispatch for Goddess Alyssa.


Erotic Sissy Transformation

Erotic Sissy Transformation is the art of erotically transforming a man into a woman through the guidance of a Mistress. You will be totally re-programmed to look, think and behave like a woman. I have an exceptional talent when it comes to the emasculation and feminization of effeminate men. My pretty smile and teasing laughter will bewitch you into submission and soon those silly thoughts of being a real man will become a distant memory.

Feminization Trance

During a feminization trance, I use my soft caressing voice and soothing suggestions through mediation and lucid dreaming to seduce you into believing you are woman during our sessions. You will be lulled into very deep and suggestive state. These sessions are fun, relaxing and  perfect for relieving stress.

You know this is exactly what you’ve wanting and needing. A Goddess to take control of you and bring out your deepest desires. I want to bring your feminization fantasies to life.  Dial 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Goddess Alyssa.