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Sissy Bimbo Cock tease

Sissy Bimbo cock tease


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So sissy, you really want to earn that A in class?  Well, you have to become a sissy bimbo cock tease *giggles*. You heard me right! If you want to make a big impression on your professor with the big cock. You have to be a sissy bimbo cock tease.

Step One: Inflate your boobs!

Get breast implants… I mean like really BIG breast implants. A good rule of thumb is that if you can see your feet, you need to go bigger. Your sissy bimbo boobies should be so inflated it looks like your going to fly away. Also while you’re at it get your lips and ass inflated too, remember there is no such thing as too big!

Step Two: Put on a Super Slutty Outfit

Now you need to squeeze all those tits and ass into a skimpy tight outfit. It should be very low cut to show of your inflated booby cleavage.  You can do it! Just suck it all in. Remember, earning an A in class takes a lot of dedication and hard work!

Step Three: Drop Your Lipstick!

Now that you’ve you done all of that. The next time you go to class make sure you take your lip stick. This is very important! Walk up to the professor stick out your boobs and pucker up those inflated lipstick lips in a cute little pout and say in a breathy sensual voice:

“Oh Mr Professor, I really need your help I really want an A in this class. Then you’re going to “accidentally” drop your lipstick on the floor. After you “accidentally” drop your lipstick on the floor you’re going to turn around and bend over really slowly and wiggle your butt. You know that wiggle that you give your ass when you are wearing your frilly bottom panties? Yes that one, then look behind you up at your professor and giggle and bat those eyelashes and wiggle your butt again!

It’s Sissy Cock Sucking Time!

While he’s distracted push your lipstick under his desk so that you can crawl underneath. Then you crawl underneath to pretending to look for your lipstick. Then you’re going to say in that same breathy feminine voice “Oh Mr Professor.. I think lip stick is in your pants” And then you pull out his cock and give him the best blowjob  he’s ever head.. ahem… I mean had!

Hmmm, I guess I should have called this post Sissy Bimbo Cock sucker instead of Sissy Bimbo Cock Tease, ha! Now Sissy Bimbos, I know you’re out there, are you ready to earn that A and show me what a good little sissy bimbo slut you are? Call me!

Goddess Alyssa


Caught Stealing Panties: A Panty Boy is Punished

Caught Stealing Panties


Caught Stealing Panties

Did you really believe that you wouldn’t be caught stealing panties? You’ve been sneaking around the college girls dorms like a little panty pervert. Convincing yourself, we wouldn’t notice a few of our panties missing here and there.  But today is different. You see the knowing looks and hear the giggles and whispers follow you as you walk by. Girls were peeking out of their dorms and waving their roommates over to see. You begin to walk slower sensing something is not quite right.

Suddenly two of the girls rush at you and grab your pants pulling them down in one very strong tug!

“Omg, I knew it, you’re so busted!  I shout and pointing to the turquoise blue lace panties you are wearing.  “You’re caught stealing panties! The entire hallway of girls erupts in a chaos of giggles.” You frantically try to pull your shirt down to cover the tiny cheeky panties and bulge your cock makes, but your efforts are useless. You can see the smirks and grins of amusement on our faces.

Punishment for Panty Thieves

I run my fingers along the little panty band at your hips and snap it against your skin smiling deviously. “Hmm, ladies..  do any of you have any suggestions on what should we do with our little panty boy?” You look around as the pretty girls shout out suggestions, ranging from making you model more panties or making you do the laundry of every girl in the dorm room.

“I think making him do our laundry and model more panties are both great ideas, but those may be more of a reward than punishment. Then you see my eyes light up with glee. How about we let the owner of the panties he’s wearing decide his fate!”

A voice speaks up, and a cute curvy coed with toffee-colored skin and big gray eyes steps forward.  “Those are my panties, and I know exactly how  I want  to punish him!” Her fingers are twirling in her long ponytail she looks you up and down from head to toe before smiling wickedly. “I know exactly how to make him pay.”

Want to know exactly how this cute coed is going to punish you? Call me or read about it here from Goddess Bethany on Enchantrix Virtual World Phone sex website!


Feminization advice for the Closet Sissy

Advice for Closet Sissy

You Deserve to be exposed as a sissy

Are you a closet sissy? If you are then, I’m sure you know that you deserve to be exposed to the world for being the completely emasculated and feminized sissy that you are. I mean really… what if your pretty neighbor across the street knew about your secret panty fetish! Or how you love to slip on a pair of nylons and rub your clitty in them until you cream! Hahaha, imagine your humiliation of being surrounded by all of your female co-workers for your routine panty check every morning! Seriously, exposing you would be a public service. It would save women from the disappointment of mistaking you for a real man. As much as I would love to show you off as the sissy you are, there are a variety of different reasons a sissy may need to be discreet about their lack of manhood!

Feminization Advice for the Closet Sissy

Here are three easy ways you can indulge your femininity openly without giving away your secret!

Eyebrow waxing/shaping:  Toning down your bushy brows go a long way towards giving your face a more feminine appearance. It gives your face a more open expression, makes your eyes look bigger and since most sissy already have thick beautiful eyelashes, it will draw more attention to them, without mascara.

Lip balm: Lip balm, or if you are feeling a little daring, lip gloss. Applying this throughout the day not only softens your lips giving them soft natural flush and satiny feel. You’ll find that you can’t resist running your fingers over them to admire the sensual feel.

Lotion/powders: Wearing a lotion or powder with a feminine scent will give you a delicate feminine fragrance and will leave you feeling so girly and pretty. All girls love to smell good!

Keeping your Sissy Secret!

So these are just a few things you can do, to openly express your inner girl and still keep your *shhh* sissy secret. It will get you that knowing look and maybe a giggle from the women in your life, but without the exposure, we both know you deserve! Want more closet sissy advice from your favorite sissy Mistress? You know where to find me!




Sissy Clitty Tingles

sissy clitty


Hello, sissy girls and girly boys! What are sissy clitty tingles? They are the tingling feeling or the shivers you get when something arouses you or gets you hot and bothered.  You may notice that your skin gets flushed and your nipples tighten and harden. It doesn’t sound very masculine, does it? Of course not silly… you are NOT a man! *Giggles*

What Causes Sissy Clitty Tingles?

Now, what causes those special tingles you ask?  Mmm, it could be you imagining the way your sissy panties feel against your shaved bare sissy clit, or maybe the thought of me standing over you, rubbing my fat strap-on against your lovely face! Sometimes there’s no reason at all!  

What do when you feel that tingling

I bet you are beginning to feel it right now! What should you do when you get your sissy clitty tingles? Oh, I think you know girlie… when your sissy clitty tingles, it’s time to put on your panties and call me. I love to tease your tiny clit and remind you of how you feel so girlie and very sissy. I will tell you exactly how to rub that little nub!






Free Phone Sex Again?!

free phone sex



Hello boys, don’t you just love the idea of free phone sex? I bet you do. You may remember this give away from earlier in the month and guess what?! We are doing it again! We’ve been celebrating LDW’s 15th anniversary all month long with special phone time gifts to our callers! We are wrapping things with up our special 15 anniversary month with another 15 minutes of FREE PHONE SEX! The mistresses of Enchantrix and I love the way you spoil us and make us feel special, and this month we wanted to do the same for you! If you’ve purchased a total of 150 minutes or bought at least 15 calls with us in the past 5 years, you get a FREE 15-minute call!

Ways to use your Free Phone Sex call

These minutes are for you to use however you want! This is the perfect time to use your free phone sex minutes with a mistress you may have been a little too shy to speak with before as a way to get to know her, or in addition to a call with your favorite mistress! You could also purchase a 2 mistress call and 15 minutes with one of those mistresses will be free! How cool is that? And course if you still can’t decide which special lady you would like to use your free minutes with, you can always visit the lovely ladies in Live Help or speak with our super friendly dispatchers. They would love to help you pick.

Don’t Miss out

Our 15-minute giveaway is for is one day only. It starts tomorrow November 30th at 12:01 am Eastern Standard time and will end tomorrow night at 11:59 pm Eastern Standard time. Make sure you don’t miss out, or I may tease you about later when I’m tormenting your poor cock *giggles*.