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Wreaking Masturbation May-hem


Look how far we’ve come pet. Since I caught you masturbating with your girlfriend’s favorite toy! And now I. Own. Your. Cock. Hahaha.

Caught Jerking Off

You didn’t count on your girlfriend giving me permission to borrow her shoes. She told me I could pick them up whenever and that you wouldn’t . . . → Read More: Wreaking Masturbation May-hem

CFNM Black Light Art Show Part 1


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Pretty girls with lots of naked fun. He didn’t mention it was CFNM kind! Maybe he didn’t know or maybe or maybe he did know and he set you up!

That’s what our mutual friend tells you when he asks you to . . . → Read More: CFNM Black Light Art Show Part 1

Stroking In the New Year! – Stroking Countdown Instructions

Happy New Year Boys!….Goddess Alyssa 1-800-601-6975

New Year Stroking Instructions

Hot stroking instructions from your favorite Pricktease Princess! Starting 15 about minutes until the New Year. I want you to get yourself nice and hard. You know how I want it, stroker… I want your cock standing at attention and ready to serve me. . . . → Read More: Stroking In the New Year! – Stroking Countdown Instructions

Naughty Foot Tease


Naughty footboy. It’s time for your nude foot tease exercises. Yes, you must do them nude. Completely naked exposed. Open for me to tease! Now take everything off. Yes, I mean everything. You love feeling vulnerable and exposed to me. Now on your knees foot boy while I tease your needy cock . . . → Read More: Naughty Foot Tease

Two For Tuesday!

Two For Tuesday!

Who doesn’t LOVE two for the price of one! Especially when it involves the super sexy, intelligent mistresses of LDW Group. It’s our anniversary month and we are celebrating ALL month long. Today, November 17th until 11:59PM  you can talk to 2 Mistresses for the price of 1, for the first . . . → Read More: Two For Tuesday!