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Happy New Year Boys!….Goddess Alyssa 1-800-601-6975

New Year Stroking Instructions

Hot stroking instructions from your favorite Pricktease Princess! Starting 15 about minutes until the New Year. I want you to get yourself nice and hard. You know how I want it, stroker… I want your cock standing at attention and ready to serve me. Ten minutes until the New Year Start the recording below and listen my sexy voice tell you how to stroke your cock for me. There is a stroking countdown at the very end. If you are able to make it, you have my permission to cum. Think of it as a special gift from me to give 2016 a hot and explosive welcome!


Stroking Countdown Instructions

9 minutes until the New Year Stroke. Up and down with  light strokes building up the sensitivity of your cock.

8 Minutes until the New Year. Take your Hands from your cock and with one something silky rub the head only. Around and around, teasing the tip of your cock for me stroker… that’s I know that feels so good.

7 Minutes until the New Year. Stroke for me pet, up and down firmly gripping your dick. Remember, if you feel yourself edging take a deep breath through your nose and release it through your mouth.

6 Minutes until the New Year.  Remember those silk material. I want you to flip onto your stomach and grind against those panties. You can put it on a pillow if you want. Thrust your hips in circles slowly fucking it until your minutes the minute is up

5 Minutes until the New Year.  Halfway there. Now flip back onto your back, wrap those panties around your cock and stroke. Thrusting your hips up and down with each stroke

4 Minutes Until the New Year Keep stroking….. 😉

3 Minutes Until the New Year. .Almost there…. you are getting slow close. You can do this.

2 Minutes Until the New Year.  So close, baby, keep stroking. I’m right here with you!

1 Minute Until the New Year. Only a minute left! This the final stretch and we are going to countdown together. I want you to stroke hard, fucking your hand. If you make it until the end of this countdown you have my permission to cum. Here we go!




Pricktease Princess Alyssa