Small Penis Humiliation Hotline


Alyssa (30)


I Love Guys With Tiny Pricks!

Guided Masturbation for tiny cocks

Tiny Penis Humiliation Hotline 1-800-601-6975

Not sure to do with the small pathetic piece of flesh between your legs? Well you’ve come to the right place! I LOVE guys with little dicks!

Wait what?! A beautiful Goddess loves guys with little dicks?! Haha, maybe I should rephrase that! I love to humiliate guys with small cocks. My Tiny Penis Humiliation Hotline is for wimpy men who need guidance and control of their teeny penises.

Aww, did you think I would actually let you fuck me with your tiny prick? This Prick Tease Princess won’t be touching it! Teasing your small cock, yes! Touching NO. *Giggles, that’s just gross 😉

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small penis humiliation

Tiny Penis Check Up! Did it grow?

Tiny Penis Humliation Check-in

Did it grow this week? Probably not *giggles*, but we can keep a daily or weekly chart to keep track of the growth or shrinkage (lol) of your tiny prick. Don’t get your hopes up though, your cock will NEVER be big enough for me! Then I’m going to make you find pictures of REAL cocks online for you to worship while I laugh at what a secret cock slut you are for real men.