pussy licking


Look how far we’ve come pet. Since I caught you masturbating with your girlfriend’s favorite toy! And now I. Own. Your. Cock. Hahaha.

Caught Jerking Off

You didn’t count on your girlfriend giving me permission to borrow her shoes. She told me I could pick them up whenever and that you wouldn’t be up to anything. Just stop by, she says. But you certainly were up to something.  You were busy stroking that needy cock, you didn’t notice me standing there until the naughty deed was done and I saw the whole thing!  I caught you jacking off with her favorite plushie! Hmm, can you imagine  what she’s going think of you when finds out?

No, please don’t tell her? Um.. this is too good to NOT tell.  Ooo are begging you me now? *Giggles* I do love it when you beg. Well, maybe there is something we can work out 😉

So this is how things are going to. You do things my way and we can keep this our little secret.  Your girlfriend doesn’t have to know.

My Masturbation May-hem Perv Boy

Since I know you have very little limits when it comes to playing with your cock. You are going to be my Masturbation May-hem jack off boy toy. Hahaha, for the rest of May your cock belongs to me. You will stroke your needy cock for me whenever I tell you to. You will stroke exactly how I tell you to, and you will only orgasm when I give you permission you.  We are going to take stroking field trips, I’m going to give you stroking assignments and if you are a good boy, well maybe your girlfriend doesn’t have to know what a dirty stroking slut you are!

Masturbation May Stroking Slave

Now let’s see how good you are at following my directions. Strip. I like my pets completely naked when serving me. Yes right here, in front of the open window. I’m going to edge you and make you squirm and having you stroking until tears are running down your face then with the need to cum! Will I let you cum? Not anytime soon, I haven’t had a chance to pass you around to my friends yet!

Trust me, this is only the beginning! Now it’s time to pass the penis to your next stop on your Masturbation May-hem ride.

Miss Delia’s  blog going to may your cock throb in the most humiliating and painful ways!