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Pretty girls with lots of naked fun. He didn’t mention it was CFNM kind! Maybe he didn’t know or maybe or maybe he did know and he set you up!

That’s what our mutual friend tells you when he asks you to volunteer at an art exhibit. He couldn’t make it back in town in time and asked you to do him a huge favor and take his place. It’s a last minute request but he tells you there will be lots of pretty girls there and so of course you agree!

CFNM Art Exhibit

When you arrive you’re informed by myself, the artist, that all the paintings were done with black light paint. It’s a Black Light Art Show. How creative!

Feeling pretty good about yourself, you follow me over to the middle of the showroom. I instruct you to raise your hands high up in the air and grab the metal handles so your arms won’t get tired. As soon as you grab the handles bondage cuffs extend out and enclose around your wrist. You try to yank your wrist free. “Relax those are just to keep your arms from getting tired and slipping” Now I’m going to turn on a black light.

With the show starting soon I excuse myself to get ready. While you’re alone you begin to relax daydreaming of the sexy naked girls you were promised!

You tense up again when I enter the room with two other ladies and march, military style, towards you. The black light bouncing off of our tight little skirts and skimpy halter tops in brilliant colors of vibrant oranges, greens, purples and pinks  We surround you, pressing our bodies against you and begin running our fingers over you. You hear your pants unzipping and you think to yourself: I’m about to get the blow job of my life. I  wrap my arms around your neck kissing you while my friends pull your pants down exposing your painfully hard cock.

Mmm, seems like your cock is about to get some up close and personal attention! Keep an eye out for part 2 of this sexy CFNM tale 🙂

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