Foot Tease


Naughty footboy. It’s time for your nude foot tease exercises. Yes, you must do them nude. Completely naked exposed. Open for me to tease! Now take everything off. Yes, I mean everything. You love feeling vulnerable and exposed to me. Now on your knees foot boy while I tease your needy cock with my beautiful feet! I love watching you watch.  Just watching no touching as I slide off my heels and rub my dainty toes over them they way. Then sliding my stocking feet up the inside of your leg cock teasing and cock tormenting you. I hear your breath quicken as each stroke gets closer and closer to your needy cock until suddenly… well I’m not done yet!

Your cock is so hard watching as I slide my down my knees then I make you pull them down the rest of the way with your teeth. My sweet feminine scent fills your nose. A fragrant cocktease,  making it so hard for you not lose control. The smell of my  sexy feet and pantyhose make you want to cum so bad. I grab the pantyhose from you and tie them around your eyes until you are completely blinded.

I know you want to lick suck and worship my pretty feet. But you must earn that privilege pet! Today you only get a tease ;). You feel the touch of my toes dancing along your cock. You can imagine the toes in pretty red polish stroking up and down and it feels so good. You know you must NOT cum on Goddesses feet or you WILL find yourself licking up your mess!