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Putting Sissy Into Panties


Ultimate Femdom Friendship Listen to me read this post to you!

So you might have heard by now how I became fast friends with the Experienced Mistress Olivia. With our mutual love for feminizing submissive effeminate men, can you really say you’re surprised? If anything, you must be nervous! You’re in our . . . → Read More: Putting Sissy Into Panties

Sissy Advice ❤

A Letter From a Sissy

Dear Goddess Alyssa,

My Teenie Weenie Sissy Clitty tries to get larger when you tease it the way you do. Does that mean that it’s possible that I may someday be a real man for you?

Your devoted

Sissy Powder Puff Pansy Princess

You Will Always Be a Sissy . . . → Read More: Sissy Advice ❤

Sissy Husband Surprise P2

Surprise Surprise!

Surprise! Happy Sissy Birthday! The beautiful women scream in unison and begin throwing panties at you.  The laughter, the humiliation, and the panties literally raining down you. It was all was too much. Your traitorous little cock explodes and you feel cum running down your leg.

A low whisper breaks the shocked silence. . . . → Read More: Sissy Husband Surprise P2

The Shaving and Shaming of a Tiny Dick

Small, Pink, and Naked.

Oh wow you actually shaved your tiny dick. What exactly were you trying to accomplish by that? Impress me with a small naked penis?  Oh, I see you were hoping that by shaving your tiny man cock and berry balls you could make them look bigger!?  Hahaha! How naive you are! Shaving . . . → Read More: The Shaving and Shaming of a Tiny Dick