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Putting Sissy Into Panties

Experience Mistress Olivia is putting sissy into panties!


Ultimate Femdom Friendship

Listen to me read this post to you!

So you might have heard by now how I became fast friends with the Experienced Mistress Olivia. With our mutual love for feminizing submissive effeminate men, can you really say you’re surprised? If anything, you must be nervous! You’re in our clutches now and your days of visiting the gym trying in vain to bulk yourself up into a real man are over.

Lunch at the Lingerie SalonPrick Tease Princess is putting sissy into panties!

What we told you is that  we’re going to to Miss Olivia’s lingerie salon to shop for cute sexy panties and such. Of course, you agreed. Your clitty was tingling at the thought of being surrounded by so many cute frilly things. What we didn’t tell you is that we were going to the lingerie shop to find cute and sexy things to put on YOU! Oh no! What will you do? We just might discover the little secret  between your legs. Too Late! We already know *giggle*

Putting Sissy Into Panties

Miss Olivia’s salon is full of the latest fashions. So what are we going to put Sissy in? Will it be a lace trimmed corset with garters and nylons? Hmm or a white and black french maid’s outfit or maybe a rose colored baby doll nightie with matching  thongs. OoOo look! There’s a bridal section, maybe something from there! Oh and we mustn’t forget the shoes!  Ready to find out what happens? Check out the audio series on Get Girlie!



6 comments to Putting Sissy Into Panties

  • Petey cream puff

    I was trying to bulk up and get more size & muscle as I tried to life the weights but they were heavier then I thought. Seeing you and her at gym with Olivia wearing yoga pants with tank top was distracting as I couldn’t life the weights also seeing you in leggings with bra top. When both of you came up to me and wanted me to go shopping with the 2 of you I didn’t expect that, once we got to her shop and you told me items were for me I was speechless😨 just seeing the soft pretty colors with the slips/corsets as well as the bras I was hard😨 also with bridal shop with sexy dresses. I saw makeup counter in shop as well. I didn’t think anyone at gym would notice I was wearing women’s yoga pants as everyone would only focus on their workouts, but the 2 of you must’ve spotted me a mile away. How did the both of you know I was a weak,submissdive, feminine creampuff? What will all you girlfriends think of me when they see what you’ve done to me by putting me in panties? Are you both going to put me in a bra as well with slip/corset in the body con wedding dress all made up😨 all your girlfriends will think I’m both of your cream Puff Sissy with both of you stripping my masculinity forever. Are you going to keep me like this all the time!😨

  • Ashley

    This is so innocent and cute and happy~ 🙂

  • Sissy Donna

    Love the post Mistress Alyssa. Can’t wait to talk and for you to dress me for suckcess again!

  • Sissy Donna

    Can’t wait for you to put me into a beautiful matching bra, panty, and suspender set again and then collar me and complete my transformation into your slut!

  • Sissy Donna

    It’s been a while but can’t wait for another call with you Mistress. You can put me in any panties – or any position – you want! Donn(a)

  • Petey cream puff

    Ms Alyssa did this to me as she caught me in dressing room at Victoria’s Secret. I was busted as I forgot to lock dressing room door. :0 after she walked in she had me try on pink bra/panty set then arched my eyebrows put makeup on me along with lipstick/perfume & lotion. After that she had sales ladies come into fitting room to see me. :0 they all giggled and said I looked so cute and adorable. Ms Alyssa then took pictures of me, called her girlfriends and exposed me for the cream puff that she turned me into. They all took me in fitting room, got me off and now I have to stay this way all the time as their cream puff.

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