Surprise Surprise!

Surprise! Happy Sissy Birthday! The beautiful women scream in unison and begin throwing panties at you.  The laughter, the humiliation, and the panties literally raining down you. It was all was too much. Your traitorous little cock explodes and you feel cum running down your leg.

A low whisper breaks the shocked silence. “Wow, did he seriously just cum?”

Then another whisper. “So he’s a premature ejaculator too? I knew we should have done this months ago….”

Grasping for anything to stop this situation you stutter “I-It’s not my birthday!” Definitely not manly and not helping your cause.

“Of course not, we said Happy Sissy Birthday!” Then your wife holds up the very same pink baby doll, she sent you a picture of herself wearing earlier. “Now put on your new outfit! The girls and I had so much fun picking it out for you.  Dazed and confused, you slip into the new outfit….. You can actually feel your cock shrinking as you put on the panties in front all the beautiful women.

Then we split into teams. One making you over with make up and blonde hair extensions. The other cock teasing you in your in your brand new pink panties.

“Aww now doesn’t he make such a pretty sissy husband ladies?” You lean side ways to steal glimpse in the mirror, but your wife grabs your jaw in a commanding grip.

“NOT YET.”  You feel yourself submit to her command. Have you always been such a sissy bitch? “The answer to your question is yes”  She whispers in your ear answering your unspoken question. She gently ties the blind fold back around your eyes…