Hello, submissive. It’s finally 2015, a brand spanking new year! And guess what? With a new year comes a lot of new beginnings and resolutions. This means if you’ve been on the fence about your role as a submissive and it’s time to truly submit and learn how to give up control to your mistress.

What it means to be submissive.

Being a submissive, it’s perfectly natural for you to have a certain shyness when it comes to experimenting with anything new and untried. You dance along the lines of your submissiveness afraid give up control and you cling to your normal routine and what feels safe for you. If you were a dominant man with an alpha personality, you’d dive right into it and face whatever took you out of your comfort zone head on! But you are not an alpha, and trying to be something you’re not is an incredible burden that will leave you unfulfilled every time. Your fulfillment comes from pleasing me and deep down you live to serve. This means, if I enjoy endlessly edging you over and over again, you will be completely overjoyed at my delight in tormenting you! Even if it means you get a satisfaction from making your mistress happy!

Open yourself to me.

You’re satiated by the act of submitting to me unconditionally. Opening yourself and allowing yourself to serve me how I see fit will bring a new awareness to you. I am going to push the edges of your boundaries and show you how good you feel to be at the mercy of your mistress.

Stroking to my every command, surrendering your manhood and slipping into panties. Locking up your cock and taking a vow of chastity. Those are just a few of the ways you can submit. The ways are endless

So now you know, as your mistress, I will not settle for nothing less than your complete surrender. Time to stop running, time to stop making excuses to yourself and admit this is what you’ve needed all along.

Your Cock Tease Princess

Enchantrix Alyssa