Small, Pink, and Naked.

Oh wow you actually shaved your tiny dick. What exactly were you trying to accomplish by that? Impress me with a small naked penis?  Oh, I see you were hoping that by shaving your tiny man cock and berry balls you could make them look bigger!?  Hahaha! How naive you are! Shaving little cocks does not make them look bigger. No. Shaving your tiny dick only accentuates how small it is. I think it looks even smaller now! Small, pink and naked. If you have to shave a your small penis in an attempt to trick a girl into wanting you, you deserve all the ridicule and torment that comes with being a tiny dick loser boy.

Small Penis Humiliation Teaches the Biggest Lessons

If I wanted to play with a toy, it will be my dildo sliding in and out my pussy while you watch. You should be ashamed of yourself for thinking I would EVER allow that thing to come near me! Women don’t want naked weenie wimp dicks. We want large strapping bull dozing cocks. Need an example of what I’m talking about?  Well, my boyfriend and I would love to show you. See that large cock, jutting out from his dark bushy pubic hair.  Now you’re going to shave his cock and balls. You’re going to have rub shaving cream all over the thick bush and shave it while I watch! That means his cock is going to be right in your face, very up close and lol, very personal.  As you shave and worship his cock you will memorize every delicious detail. From the plumb shape of the bulbous head to the feel of his skin stretch over iron. You will remember every time you stare down at yourself, there’s nothing you can do to make your tiny man dick worthy of my attention.

Does touching another man’s cock Make you gay?

No, but if we are talking about appearances only. You do look suspiciously gay as you shave my lover’s cock with that look of amazement and wonder in your eyes! Just saying…. 😉

Still laughing at you…..