A Letter From a Sissy

Dear Goddess Alyssa,

My Teenie Weenie Sissy Clitty tries to get larger when you tease it the way you do. Does that mean that it’s possible that I may someday be a real man for you?

Your devoted

Sissy Powder Puff Pansy Princess

You Will Always Be a Sissy

Dear Powder Puff Pansy Princess 😉

How can you sign your name that way and ask me if you can be man enough for me in the same paragraph?!

First of all, the fact that you are calling it a teenie weenie sissy clitty means that you are a sissy and will always be a sissy. Real men do not think of their cocks as teenie weenie or sissy clitty. It’s very interesting how the smaller the prick the longer the name my sissies and submissives use for it! Sissy clitty pencils stick, tic tac needle prick or my all time favorite, Princess Sissy Dribbles (hahahaha). I’ve never heard a man with a big cock refer to with a name that’s more than one word.

Secondly, it gets hard when I tease it. Well, girly boy, that’s the ONLY time it gets hard. How could  you ever be man enough for me if your sissy dick only gets hard after I dress you up like a sissy slut and call you names?! With the exception of premature ejaculators, it wouldn’t cross my mind to tease a large cock.

Sissy Humiliation is Good for You!

Sissy Humiliation is good for you! Just like a man with a big throbbing monster cock deserves to have that cock sucked, fucked and thoroughly worshipped.  Frilly girlie boys with tiny nubbins deserve to be teased and humiliated. You deserved to be emasculated and feminized. I bet Princess Dribbles is throbbing right now because I told just you that you will NEVER be a man! Now go put your panties on and call me!