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How to Please Your Woman with a Small Penis

Did you think because you have a small penis that you are unable to please your woman? Well,  you were mistaken! There are several steps you can take to ensure your woman is properly sexually satisfied beyond her wildest dreams! This is a step by step guide on how to please your woman with . . . → Read More: How to Please Your Woman with a Small Penis

Sissy Husband Surprise Party Part 3

Strapon Candles

This time when the blindfold is removed it takes a minute for your eyes to adjust to the dimly lit room. The lovely glow of candle light comes into focus and you look around to find the women standing around you forming a circle. They are all wearing strapons of various lengths and thickness . . . → Read More: Sissy Husband Surprise Party Part 3

The Amazing Shrinking Cock

Chronic Masturbator

Are you at it again? You’ve been masturbating your cock all hours of the day and night. You just can’t keep your hands off your penis! It’s always demanding your attention at the most inappropriate times and places. I’m amazed that a you’re able to get anything done. Luckily for you, your Cock Control Goddess has the . . . → Read More: The Amazing Shrinking Cock