sissy husband

Strapon Candles

This time when the blindfold is removed it takes a minute for your eyes to adjust to the dimly lit room. The lovely glow of candle light comes into focus and you look around to find the women standing around you forming a circle. They are all wearing strapons of various lengths and thickness and each strapon has a lit birthday candle protruding from the tip.

The ladies step aside revealing a full-length mirror, with a reflection of a woman you’ve never seen before. Then you realize with horrified excitement, that YOU are the woman in the mirror. Any proof that you were ever a man has been stripped away. You’ve been thoroughly emasculated and completely feminized. You feel your clitty twitch with excitement.

Open Your Gifts!

“Hahaha”, your wife laughs, “I almost forgot!” She gives you the sweetest kiss on the cheek and hands you a prettily wrapped little box. You open it to find an embarrassingly small chastity cage. Tears roll down your face as you lock up yourself up. The tiny cock cage fits PERFECTLY “From now on your orgasms will be strictly controlled. You will have to earn them.”

Make a Sissy Husband Wish!

“Today is your new birthday. Since we all know you’ve failed to live up to that expectation, we will no longer celebrate the birthday when you were born to be a man. Now we will celebrate the day of your sissy transformation. Now Sissy Husband it’s time to blow out your candles and make a very special wish.

Entranced by these sexy femdom sirens you drop to your knees and blow out all of the candles one by one. Just like your manhood they go out without a fight….