Empress of Tease and Denial

I am a Princess from a distant planet and I’m fascinated with the tease and denial practices earth females use to cock control their males.  You have been captured as my pet for the personal enjoyment of myself and my beautiful lady servants.  You awaken to our giggles and find yourself completely naked and on display. That’s you when hear me discussing your fate.

Enchantrix Empire

“They call themselves humans, more specifically this one is a male. It’s very fascinating how sensitive this creature’s sexual organs are. He is aroused from the simple action of us observing him!  Now watch as I lightly stroke him, just once.  See how he begs for more! There is an Empire of earth females that use this organ to completely control and enslave their men. They call themselves Enchantrix Empire.”

“Just by withholding, extending or completely denying the sexual gratification of their males, the women of this Empire remain ultimately in control. The need to release or “cum” as the humans call it is so powerful, the male of their species completely submit to their females in hopes of pleasing their mistress.  The key is delaying orgasm as long as possible. Eventually they will become completely dependent on you for their pleasure.  I recommend strict orgasm control on our subject so that we may learn the best way to achieve this.

Tease and denial Cock Slave

You will use this male for practice. I want each of you ladies to demonstrate tease and denial techniques. Apparently we can do this many times as it takes.  Once I feel you have mastered the art of orgasm delay, you will given your own male servant.  Now let us begin ladies! One stroke at a time…