Did you think because you have a small penis that you are unable to please your woman? Well,  you were mistaken! There are several steps you can take to ensure your woman is properly sexually satisfied beyond her wildest dreams! This is a step by step guide on how to please your woman with a small penis!

Step One: Lock Up Your Little Dick

Wait…  I hope you didn’t think I meant  YOU would be the one sexually satisfying her? Excuse me while I laugh at the idea. *Giggles*  No, no,  your little pimple dick needs to be locked away in chastity where it’s not in danger of sexually frustrating anyone else but you. Also, you won’t get any ideas about trying to poke her with it! Remember it’s all about HER pleasure.

Have you ever heard of the expression never say never? Trust me when I say this is one of the exceptions to that rule! Your little penis will never, ever measure up.

Step Two: Help Her Get Ready for Her Stud

Want to show her you will be the best cuckold husband? Run her a hot bubble bath, shave her pussy, or paint her fingernails.  Assist your woman in looking her best for her stud. There is something very humbling in preparing your wife to be fucked by another man. If you were a real man, you wouldn’t be doing this in the first place.

Step Three: Cream Pie Clean Up

There’s no doubt that after a night, weekend, or maybe even a week of being thoroughly fucked, she will be completely satisfied in ways you can only imagine! Looking down at your locked up little prick, you will know it was all for the best!  If you’re a lucky cuckie, your woman will spread her legs and allow you the privilege of licking up those cream pies!

Still laughing at you……. 😉

Cocktease mistress