Super Secret Fembot Project

I am your girlfriend, and I work for a leading computer science company that just landed a lucrative government contract! This company’s top competitor is very envious and has offered you a lot of money to find out information about a super secret fembot project.  Initially you try to seduce the information from me, but after weeks of evasive answers, you decide it will be easier to sneak into my home office to gather the sensitive data yourself. You are looking through a file that looks promising when you realize you are not alone….

Caught by the Fembot

“You are not authorized to be in here” Startled by what sounds like my voice, you slowly turn around to find me standing in an opening in the wall. Interesting… that opening wasn’t there before. What you don’t realize is that is NOT me in the room with you, but my fembot body double.

“Oh baby, I’m sorry” you quickly stammer. “I was looking for my cell phone! I thought it may have found it’s way in here. Actually, here it is!” Pretending to see your cell phone on the floor, you bend down and to retrieve the file and stuff it under your shirt. When you stand up and take a really good look at her… you notice something is very very off with her appearance.  Her blue eyes are glowing with a strange light. Mesmerized by my glowing eyes, you are unable to make yourself leave as I approach with a dangerous glint in my cold blue eyes. “Alyssa?”

The fembot’s body begins to shimmer and ripple and right before your eyes, her skin melts away revealing a beautiful shiny metal surface. Every inch of her sleek powerful body including her breast covered in a shiny chrome exterior. Metal nipples, she has chrome nipples, you think to yourself.

“I am Fembot Alyssa Security Prototype 101” I state. You have been caught trespassing and are deemed a security threat. I am authorized to administer immediate disciplinary action by insertion of tracking device. Then, with one hand I pick up the solid oak desk between us and hurl it through the wall…