I can be a pricktease, too!

I can be a pricktease, too!

Hello Ms. Alyssa’s pets! I was so excited to be invited to hang out here. But I was really excited to be here because Ms. Alyssa makes me excited in general. Plus we have something in common. We love to tease! So I jumped at the chance to be with her here. I told her I can be a prick tease, too! So here I am, ready to join hands at teasing your prick.

Hands on approach

I know your sexy Mistress knows how to man handle your cock. She’s good like that! Who can resist her hot body, pretty face and wicked, wicked ways! She knows how to tease and I know you love to be tormented by a pricktease! Nothing better then a session of intense teasing. As much as you hate it, you love it!

Now, Ms. Alyssa is a prick tease princess and I adore that! I am a mature Mistress, so we play off each other very well. It’s always fun to mix up her youth and my experience. I mean, who doesn’t like to play in all different ways?

Shy and weak males

Those are the ones we especially like to play with. Those are the men who can’t resist a cocktease. We know that about you, we can almost smell it. It’s always pure pleasure for us to have you because you are the ones who definitely appreciate a strong, sexy Mistress and respond accordingly.

This, my pets, is why we love what we do and what we do to you!

Please check me out at www.thesexytruth.com Thank-you for having me, you sexy hottie Ms. Alyssa! xxoo