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Larry Takes Alyssa Shopping

Larry waited patiently as he  watched Alyssa disappear into the mall.  He never got tired of watching the sexy sway of her hips as she walked. He  followed her in a few minutes later, but was careful not to follow too close.  He knew she really wouldn’t want to be seen with him until it was time to for him to hand over money and hold her shopping bags. She never spent her money and Larry firmly believed she shouldn’t have to. It was really the only thing in their relationship he could actually  be proud of.  Alyssa was beautiful, confident and turned heads where ever she went. Any man would love to be her boyfriend. Even if Larry couldn’t satisfy her sexually with his small penis he more than made up for it by making sure she wanted for nothing.  After all it was the least he could do!

Alyssa Goes Out

Alyssa was out with her friends tonight. There was no telling when she would be back, if she came back tonight at all. He watched her do her hair and make up  and even helped her zip up the tight black lace dress she put on.  So he had the entire evening to himself. As much as he loved his wife, he had come to enjoy these times to himself.  He could taste the excitement the evening would bring. He took off of his clothes and carefully placed it on the hanger in the full walk-in closet, where the many shopping bags from the day were still stacked on top of each other waiting to be unpacked.

Cuckole Roleplay : What Happens Next

So.. am I really out with my friends? What is Larry going to do when he takes off his clothes? Guess what?! You get to decide what happens next in this cuckold roleplay fantasy! Send me an email, post on twitter, or give me a call and help me decide which way the story goes!

Cuckold Roleplay Fantasy