You guys know how I just love it when you eat your cum for me. I’m sure I’ve written about it at least once or twice. Okay, maybe a lot more than that, giggles. But today I had a very eager, little cumeater call me and I just had to get on here to tell you all about him!

First time caller to me but an experienced cum eater

He was a first time caller for me, so I know he was kinda shy, but he politely  confessed he was a cum eater for Goddess Alyssa! I knew he was experienced because he had several things ready for me to choose from for when he got to shoot that hot load of cum. I was impressed by his level of experience with being a cumeater.

A weeks worth of cum

He admitted to me that he wanted his first time with me to be EXPLOSIVE and held back from having an orgasm for a entire week. This meant there would be a massive about of cum for him to eat for me and I was THRILLED! I had him edge for me over and over until I knew he was about to lose his load!

CumEater swallowed it all

I pushed him as far as he could go and then instructed him to grab his shot glass……this experienced cumeater was ready to blow and shot the entire load into the shot glass and immediately put it to his lips and poured the cum in his mouth….oh but wait, he did something I didn’t expect, but loved! He gargled with it!!! Then, of course, he swallowed every hot sticky drop of his cum down for me!

cumeater was the best ever