You may have expressed your desire to eat your cum. The thought of swallowing your cum gets you excited and turned out. However, after you cum you find yourself losing the urge to eat your cum. Don’t worry you’re not alone! A lot of my callers have the same problem, but I’ve helped them and I know I can help you too.

Don’t Hesitate to Swallow

When you start cumming, I want you to swallow when that first squirt hits your tongue or lands in your hand or wherever you shot that load. Don’t wait for your cock to finish shooting your entire load. Remember, even if you only swallow a little bit of cum you are still a cum eater!

With your legs over your head

Some of you are flexible enough to put your legs over your head with your cock pointed at your mouth. This is the perfect way for you to eat your cum. So mouth open, tongue out and no matter where the cum lands whatever gets on your tongue immediately swallow it down!

Did You Eat your Cum?

Did these tips on cum eating help you lick up and swallow that yummy jizz? Well then congratulations you are a cum eater. Part of an exclusive group of jizz junkies and well on your way to being a cum eating slut! For those of you still having trouble with eating that yummy cum, I’m here to help you! All you have to is pick the phone and tell me you want to eat your cum.

Eat your cum