Great news, guys! Not only are all the erotic audios in store 50% off for the entire month of July, but if you recall, I did a hot erotic audio for sale that I posted about in January called Coerced Airport Strapon Slut.

The Wait is Over!

I teased you about it back in January and let me tell you it’s going to be worth the wait! In fact I did an audio clip of it to give you just a little taste. So here it is! Enjoy click here to listen 😉 Now remember, this a taste of an very hot 21 minute erotic audio.

So the next time you’re travelling

Remember to bring you toys and when the sexy flight attendant smiles at you try not to blush at the naughty things I made you do in this audio! Oh if you thought this erotic audio was hot, just wait until I do many many more erotic audios to add to the audio store.

While You’re in the Erotic Audios Store

Be sure to check out the other audio I have on sale called Guided Masturbation Enchantment. A hot guided masturbation trance audio for you to enjoy!

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