I Have You By the Balls

Have you ever heard an evil villain laugh about how they have the “Fate of the World in the Palm of Their Hand?” It sounds kind of cool until you really think about what that would  mean.  Too much responsibility and not enough fun if you ask me. But what if I were to tweak the saying just a little to The Fate of  Your Balls in the Palm of My Hand, *giggles* now I LOVE how that sounds. Way more fun!

So here I am, the evil villainess and I fucking love it. Watching you squirm in the chair, naked and vulnerable while quietly pleading me with your eyes. I had to stuff your mouth with my panties to keep you from crying out! We don’t want the neighbors to hear you sobbing in pain and I just don’t feel like your cock and balls have felt enough punishment! Also, I haven’t had a chance to use all of my nifty little instruments of cock and ball torment!

Let’s see what I have here:

  1. Bowl of ice
  2. My Panties
  3. My Hairbrush
  4. Feather
  5. Anal Plug

It’s amazing how much pain you’re in and your naughty cock is still hard! What’s up with that! Could it be that you like the pain? If so I’m more than happy to provide you with an endless amount! Or is it because you’re staring at my breast? They are quite impressive and every time I bend over to squeeze your balls in my hand, my breast smother your face! I tease your nose with them, but when you start to relax and nuzzle closer to enjoy how soft I am and how sweet I smell, SMACK! I slam my hairbrush against your cock!  Aww is that a tear running down your face? I lean down and slowly lick it off with my pretty pink tongue.

Yep, the fate of your balls in the palms of my hand and there’s nowhere else you’d rather them be 🙂

Goddess Alyssa