Advice for Closet Sissy

You Deserve to be exposed as a sissy

Are you a closet sissy? If you are then, I’m sure you know that you deserve to be exposed to the world for being the completely emasculated and feminized sissy that you are. I mean really… what if your pretty neighbor across the street knew about your secret panty fetish! Or how you love to slip on a pair of nylons and rub your clitty in them until you cream! Hahaha, imagine your humiliation of being surrounded by all of your female co-workers for your routine panty check every morning! Seriously, exposing you would be a public service. It would save women from the disappointment of mistaking you for a real man. As much as I would love to show you off as the sissy you are, there are a variety of different reasons a sissy may need to be discreet about their lack of manhood!

Feminization Advice for the Closet Sissy

Here are three easy ways you can indulge your femininity openly without giving away your secret!

Eyebrow waxing/shaping:  Toning down your bushy brows go a long way towards giving your face a more feminine appearance. It gives your face a more open expression, makes your eyes look bigger and since most sissy already have thick beautiful eyelashes, it will draw more attention to them, without mascara.

Lip balm: Lip balm, or if you are feeling a little daring, lip gloss. Applying this throughout the day not only softens your lips giving them soft natural flush and satiny feel. You’ll find that you can’t resist running your fingers over them to admire the sensual feel.

Lotion/powders: Wearing a lotion or powder with a feminine scent will give you a delicate feminine fragrance and will leave you feeling so girly and pretty. All girls love to smell good!

Keeping your Sissy Secret!

So these are just a few things you can do, to openly express your inner girl and still keep your *shhh* sissy secret. It will get you that knowing look and maybe a giggle from the women in your life, but without the exposure, we both know you deserve! Want more closet sissy advice from your favorite sissy Mistress? You know where to find me!