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Feminization advice for the Closet Sissy

Advice for Closet Sissy

You Deserve to be exposed as a sissy

Are you a closet sissy? If you are then, I’m sure you know that you deserve to be exposed to the world for being the completely emasculated and feminized sissy that you are. I mean really… what if your pretty neighbor across the street knew about your secret panty fetish! Or how you love to slip on a pair of nylons and rub your clitty in them until you cream! Hahaha, imagine your humiliation of being surrounded by all of your female co-workers for your routine panty check every morning! Seriously, exposing you would be a public service. It would save women from the disappointment of mistaking you for a real man. As much as I would love to show you off as the sissy you are, there are a variety of different reasons a sissy may need to be discreet about their lack of manhood!

Feminization Advice for the Closet Sissy

Here are three easy ways you can indulge your femininity openly without giving away your secret!

Eyebrow waxing/shaping:  Toning down your bushy brows go a long way towards giving your face a more feminine appearance. It gives your face a more open expression, makes your eyes look bigger and since most sissy already have thick beautiful eyelashes, it will draw more attention to them, without mascara.

Lip balm: Lip balm, or if you are feeling a little daring, lip gloss. Applying this throughout the day not only softens your lips giving them soft natural flush and satiny feel. You’ll find that you can’t resist running your fingers over them to admire the sensual feel.

Lotion/powders: Wearing a lotion or powder with a feminine scent will give you a delicate feminine fragrance and will leave you feeling so girly and pretty. All girls love to smell good!

Keeping your Sissy Secret!

So these are just a few things you can do, to openly express your inner girl and still keep your *shhh* sissy secret. It will get you that knowing look and maybe a giggle from the women in your life, but without the exposure, we both know you deserve! Want more closet sissy advice from your favorite sissy Mistress? You know where to find me!




18 comments to Feminization advice for the Closet Sissy

  • Petey cream puff

    I’d love to have you be part of my feminization! It’s hot how you’ve done this as I can’t say no to the sexy/hot mistresses. I’ve done 2 of 3 what you listed on here with perfumes/lotions along with lip balm but I’ve started using lipstick. To have my eyebrows shaped in feminine arch would really confirm that I’m a cream puff girl. No guy would ever let hot mistresses dress/lipstick kiss their cheeks and keep them this way but I have. This is who I am and become. I’ve started calling and would love to have you part of my feminization training with Ms Olivia/Ms Delia/Ms Erika/Ms Cindy and Ms Erin. This is only way I can can be with hot women as all of you lipstick kiss my cheeks/dress/put make/lipstick/wig/hot dresses/perfume/lotion and keep me this way all the time.

    • Alyssa

      Ohh Petey Cream puff! It was confirmed a long time ago that you are a cream puff girl *Giggles* and I would not miss a chance to be a part of your feminization training!

      • Petey cream puff

        Yes it was confirmed a long time ago I was a cream puff girl when you and Ms Olivia feminized me after gym in tricking me into going to lunch with both of you only to take me to Ms Olivia’s shop to dres/lipstick kiss my cheeks and keep me as a cream puff girl. With Ms Olivia/Ms Erika/Ms Delia/Ms Cindy/Ms Erin and now you that’s 6 mistresses included in my feminization training. I was wondering if you wanted to work with Ms Erika/Ms Erin in my feminization? Both Ms Erika and Ms Olivia had me do therapy last week about my interest in wearing women’s clothes/bras/panties/makeup/lipstick/perfumes/lotions as they dressed me up/put wig/feminine arched eyebrows along with makeup/lipstick/body con sheath dress as they put me in panties/nylons/garter belt/bra/wig/heels with makeup/lipstick on me before they put the dress on me. I felt so weak/helpless/submissive/scared and feminine when they did this. My hardon exposed me as I couldn’t deny this. It was to much to resist especially when Ms Erika sprayed me in midnight romance perfume and lotion. I lost bet with both of them as I made mess in my panties and have to stay this way all the time.
        As you said if I’m on your blog wondering about being cream puff who wants hot mistress to dress me up I’m not a guy. I’ve accepted who I am and become which is a cream puff and I do want you to do this to and be part of the 5 mistresses in my feminization.

  • John

    Oh Petey, I envy you. I’d so want the girls you mentioned to kiss me on the cheek and dress me up like the sissy I am also.

  • Tom

    I love wearing my fishnet nylons and 9 inch high heels and be a closet sissy and taking a strap on and moaning like a bitch for u misrtess

  • Gem Sissy

    The thought of my truth being exposed, women looking at my pantied bottom and clitty, perfectly clear what I’m good for and what I certainly am not good for, it is all so delicious!

    • Alyssa

      Omg Gem Sissy imagine the giggles of laughter at the little tent your clitty would make!

      • Gem Sissy

        Oh Mistress Alyssa, I would be so pink-faced with embarrassment as they snapped my stocking garters, pulled and snapped the waist of my sissy panties, and my clitty would spurt making my shame complete. Knowing that they would NEVER see me as a man, would NEVER consider sleeping with me, would NEVER see my clitty as a man’s cock would be so utter, so deep inside… I can hardly imagine it without messing the panties I’m wearing right now! :O

  • Sissy Faggot Donn(a)

    Love the new post Mistress. Would love to be your sissy wearing my sheer pink panties, garter belt and back seamed stockings, and lace bra under my boring man clothes – maybe with a cute locking pink cage too!

  • alice24210843

    i want smooth crotch

  • Gem Sissy

    Mistress Alyssa,

    The photo you’ve graciously shared at the start of this blog post makes me think: “She sees me in my sissy panties. She’s flashing me her perfect bottom in the panties knowing somewhere in me I still crave her to touch her and more but that hint of a smile says I’ll never get to.” 🙂


  • princess

    Lovely to see you posting again! ANd yes! Do expose us sissy gurls!!!

  • Needy

    Please I don’t want to be exposed. Love being secret

  • John

    I’d love being exposed, but then I’d be so embarrassed for the rest of my life, but then I do want to be exposed but not really. The closet might be best for me but feel like Im in a cage. Its wearing lipstick that I really want exposed, hoping the girls who know me will want me to wear it all the time.

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