What would make the perfect Christmas gift for a Giantess? YOU of course! Do you remember my shrink ray from Shrinking Fetish Phone Sex? Well, I used it to shrink you into the perfect holiday gift! Tis the season for giving *giggles*

Giantess Christmas Gift


Imagine waking up in a completely dark room. A very very unnaturally dark room. The muffled voices get louder, and you look around trying figure out where they are coming from, but the darkness of the room gives nothing away. Suddenly the room begins to shake violently, and your hands reach out to grasp for something.. anything to hold on to but your body tumbles along the walls of the room. Your feeling of helplessness grows as a terrible shredding sound fills your ears. The ripping sound suddenly stops and soft light filters in from above. Relieve you can finally make out your surroundings only to find they are just as blank.  The light from the ceiling increases to almost blinding and you shield them as you look up to see a…. giant face?!

Gift for a Giantess

Not just any giant face, but the giant face a beautiful giantess. Her eyes widen with surprise, and she lets out a loud squeal. You drop to your knees covering your ears as the sound pierces your eardrums.

“OMG, it’s a little man! I got a little man for Christmas!

Her large beautiful face comes closer, and her soft breath pushes you back a little. She peers into what you now realize must be a gift box. Her pretty lips form an “O” as she stares at you in fascination. Your entire body could fit in that “O” you realize and you begin scrambling to get away from her reaching fingers. Pressing your back against the wall, there is no escape.  She plucks you up out of the box by your shirt and gently places you in the palm of her hand. She brings her palm closer to her face. You look into her beautiful eyes, and suddenly your heart is no longer pounding frantically out of fear. You are feeling attracted to this beautiful giantess who has the power, to crush you but still handled you with extreme care.

See I told you, you would make the perfect gift! Want to find out what happens to you next give me a call. In the mean time stop,  Miss Harper’s Bi- Curious Christmas Pt2,  our Sugar Plum Femdom journey and enjoy!