CFNM Holiday Party

CFNM Holiday Day Fun!

Jingle, Jingle Jingle boys! Do you hear that? What is that jingling sound you’re hearing? Is it Santa’s sleigh? Hahaha, no silly! That would be your balls all tied up in jingle bells. My friends are having a holiday party, and you were the lucky man we invited! Did I mention it’s a holiday CFNM party?  You are standing there wearing nothing but cute little jingle bells wrapped around your balls! My friends and are dressed in sexy red Miss Santa outfits, and you are naked and on display for our entertainment!

Make Your Jingle Balls Jingle!

Now look at your cock, it’s so excited being completely exposed in the presence of such beautiful ladies. It’s time to put on a dance show for us! We want you to make your jingle balls jingle and tinkle! Move your hips and make your cock swing from side to side. Listen to us giggle as we tease your balls when they jingle! Now thrust your hips back and forth and let us hear them tinkle.

Horny Holiday Stroking Slut

Now my sexy lady friends and I must be thoroughly entertained so of course, we want to see you stroke your cock while you jingle those balls! Stand under our mistletoe while we circle you.  Slide your hands up and down, and stroke back and forth hear those bells jingle with every stroke. I bet you want to cum while my friends and I watch! *Giggles* no cumming yet! We are not ready the fun to end! But if you do want to jingle your balls for me, give me a call!