Now, you guys may already know this, but I really enjoy cum eating fantasies. I also enjoy talking to sissies. So I thought earlier, why not combine two of my favorite things into one hot fantasy? That’s how I came up with this sissy cum eating idea!

Don’t Stroke For Me, Just Rub

Normally, for most cum eating fantasies, I’d tell the person who’s participating with me to stroke it for me. But since you guys are sissies, I have a different instruction for you. I want you to rub it for me, like the sissy girls you are. Rub those little clitties and get them nice and hard for me.

So what we’re going to do here is a little different from what I like to do with the guys who call me. Usually, I’ll have them shoot their loads all over their fingers and then lick it all off, or I’ll have them give themselves a self facial for me or something like that. But that’s not my plan for my sissies today. Instead, you’re going to cum in your panties for me. (I’m sure you can tell where this is headed.)

Then, after you’ve made your panties all wet like a good girl, you’re going to to take them off and lick them clean. I want you to make sure you get every drop of it out of the crotch of those panties. Don’t leave a single bit of it in there because I’m going to have you put them back on and wear them for a while afterwards.

Some Edging To Help You

Of course, the objective here is to have the biggest load possible for you to eat. And in order to accomplish that, I’m going to give you some edging instructions along the way. The more times you’re able to edge for me without actually cumming, the bigger your load will be when you finally have your orgasm. And that’s what we want to see!

I want you to have a huge load to eat for me. Cum eating is far less fun when there’s not much of it to eat. But when there’s a lot? It’s awesome.

So, girls, I want you to get ready to follow my instructions. You’re going to lie back somewhere that you can be nice and comfortable, and you’re going to rub for me. I’ll give you some direction on how I want you to do it, but they’ll be relatively simple.

Now It’s Time For The Cum Eating Part

After you’ve followed my sissy masturbation instructions and have edged yourself multiple times for me, I’ll give you permission to cum. You won’t always be lucky enough to be given permission to cum, so be grateful I’m allowing you to eat your own cum for me this time!

Once you cum really hard, I’ll give you a few minutes to catch your breath before you start the cum eating part. Then, you can slip your panties off and lap up the mess you made in them!

You’ll love both the taste and the texture of it, whether this is your first time doing it or if you’ve done it a thousand times before. It’s something that never gets old.

So if you’re ready to begin your sissy cum eating fantasy with your favorite Prick Tease Princess, all you have to do is give me, Princess Alyssa, a call. I can’t wait to hear from you and get started having you eat your own cum for me!