Caught in Panties

It was eerily quiet when you arrived home. It’s been two weeks to the day since your wife caught you in panties. This morning you receive a text from her with a picture of her in a pink baby doll: Happy Birthday Husband..Meet me at home for a Special Surprise ????????. Odd.. your birthday is next month.

Remembering the humiliation of being caught prancing around in panties, stockings and heels like a sissy bitch still makes your face burn. She handled the situation quite calmly. Simply smirking at you and walking out. Not the shock and outrage that you would expect from a woman when she discovers her husband is a sissy. Not that you really feel like much of a husband. Husbands are supposed to have sex with their beautiful wives right? Well it had been months since your wife has allowed you to do more than lick her pussy.

A Superior Cock

Eating her pussy while she rides your face and then you finishing yourself off by masturbating in the corner of the your bedroom, has become a routine. A real man wouldn’t have to do that. Your wife would welcome a superior cock into her pussy with open arms, lol and open legs.  Well today’s the day you are going to show her.  Can you be the husband your wife deserves?  Her text message says it all. She’s giving you one more chance to be a real husband… a real man and not a Sissy Husband.

Puffing out your chest and walking into the home your cell buzzes with another text from your wife: Take off your clothes, put on the blindfold and wait for me.

Naked and Exposed

Your cock already throbbing with excitement, you begin stripping, tripping over your pants leg in a rush to comply with her instructions. You tie on the blindfold way too tight in your eagerness, but nothing could distract you from this moment. A soft caress of your wife’s lips against your ear and you almost lose it. Her hand glides along your stomach continuing down to briefly caressing your cock before grabbing your hand.

“Follow me” she whispers into your ear and you stumble behind her into the living room.

“Well, you weren’t kidding when you said it was small” A familiar voice chuckles

“Shhh” another familiar voice whispers! “He can hear you!” Then the room erupts into a fit of feminine laughter.

OMG nooo, you reach up frantically rip off the blind fold to see your wife’s closest friends, coworkers and your boss staring back at you.

Surprise! Happy Sissy Birthday! They all scream in unison and begin throwing panties at you.

To Be Continued….

Keep checking back to find how we put this little sissy husband in his proper place!