Cum join Mistress Brighton & Princess Alyssa's Sissy Pool Party 1-800-601-6975

Cum join Mistress Brighton & Princess Alyssa’s Sissy Pool Party 1-800-601-6975

Have you ever wondered what it’s like having a beautiful woman humiliate you and turn you into a sissy? From a beautiful woman’s perspective, it’s a lot of fun; from a Brighton and Alyssa perspective, it’s an opportunity to entertain ourselves with all sorts of delightful, Mistress antics. Especially when it comes to sissy humiliation.

A Pool Party Like No Other

Imagine if you will that you’re a guest at our pool party. This isn’t any ordinary pool party, as you quickly find out. All of the women are fully clothed, wearing beautiful sundresses, and lounge wear; and all of the men are wearing various types of bikinis. Thong, briefs, mesh, sheer… and the other thing you notice is that all of these men, are studs.

Over Dressed And Under Endowed

Of course, you also notice immediately that you’re the only one wearing swim trunks, and perhaps, you’re feeling a little self conscious about your small penis, because all of the studs, are packing huge bulges, in their tiny swim attire. Just as you’re thinking about how relieved you are that you aren’t wearing one of those tiny swim suits, you spot us… out of the corner of your eye.

A Themed Swimsuit Party

I saunter over to you, Alyssa giggling over my shoulder, and inform you that while we did invite you to our pool party, we may have left out one minor detail. All the men at the party have to wear “tiny” swimsuits. But it’s no problem, we’ve got plenty of pairs of g-strings, thongs, and men’s bikinis in the spare bedroom, and we can help you pick one out.

Imagine your red faced chagrin, as you’re escorted – by us – into the guest room, and made to change into one of those little swimsuits, and have to come back out to the patio, in your new attire. It’s pretty clear that you’re the only man at this party, who DOESN’T have a massive bulge straining in the front of that pink thong bikini we made you wear.

I bet you’re wondering what we’re going to do next? Well, I can’t be certain, but you might want to be careful around Alyssa. You know, she’s notorious for playing “yank and run” and leaving you standing their exposed with your “swimsuit” around your ankles. Want to call us for a little sissy training and humiliation? You can find me over at and you can call both myself and Princess Alyssa, at 1-800-601-6975 if you’re feeling bold. Tootles!

Mistress Brighton