OoOo! Look at you such a pretty sissy girl! All dressed up and looking so very girly today, I think with all the hard work  you have put into your sissy transformation that it  has definitely paid off! So lets have some fun I want you to take a sissy selfie for me!

Dress up snap a selfie

Now it is time for you to get into your sissy best that can be slutty or super girlie or whatever you like. Get into a pose and snap a sissy selfie for your Mistress….don’t forget to smile girls! Do you know what duck lips are girls? That is where you pucker up and blow a kiss at the camera! Oh but be sure to have on some sexy sissy lipstick to make those lips look hot and juicy!

Post your sissy selfie

Now I know it is no fun to take a selfie and NOT share it with everyone I mean after all that’s hat we do with selfies right? So here is your sissy challenge, after you snap your sexy sissy selfie I want you to post it on your social media accounts like twitter and tumblr. Once you have done this please let me know because I want to share your sissy selfie with all my followers!

Keep it classy girls

Now I know some of you girls are total sissy sluts….but if we are going to have some fun doing selfies you have to keep it classy girls! No clitty shots no pussy shots in fact no nudity you naughty girls! Oh but a sexy pair of panties and matching sissy bra is totally acceptable and in fact encouraged!

Follow me on social media so I can share

Now that you have taken your sissy selfie, and you have shared it on your social media accounts it I time to follow me so I can share your pictures with the world! Follow me on twitter @AlyssaOwnsYou_ and on Tumblr I am

sissy selfie Mistress Alyssa