Hey there, guys and girls, I recently had a fantastic idea–a sissy slumber party! I’m going to invite all my sissies to my house this weekend for the best sleepover you’ve ever seen. It’s going to be epic, I assure you.

This sissy slumber party will have everything: makeovers, mani/pedis, different types of hair styling, snacks, drinks, movies, conversations about boys, everything you can imagine. It’s the slumber party you always wanted to go to, but never got invited to. But now you are being invited, so get your favorite sleepwear and get ready.

Sleepwear: Pajamas Or Lingerie?

So you may be wondering what kind of sleepwear you should bring. The answer is, whatever you feel most comfortable with. Some sissy girls may feel more comfortable in comfy PJs, while others might prefer silky babydolls with matching panties. I say bring whatever best fits your personal style! If you’re a frilly sissy, put that lace on and wear your lingerie! If you’re a more practical sissy, feel free to wear flannel pajamas! It is entirely up to you, babe.

Along those lines, I was kind of thinking we might have a bit of a sissy fashion show at some point. It’ll probably come after the makeovers and mani/pedis and hair styling (which I will also discuss in a minute), but before we settle in with movies and popcorn. I think I’ll play some fun music and have each person make an entrance and walk the catwalk for the adoring audience. You can wear whatever kind of sleepwear you like for this. We’ll love you, no matter what you’ve got on!

Sissy Slumber Party Makeovers And Mani/Pedis

But before everyone walks the catwalk comes the makeovers and such. Everyone gets a face mask and a facial with cucumber slices over their eyes. You don’t have to worry about looking silly because we’ll all look silly together! You’ll find that the facials will do wonders for your skin. That means you’ll look even better in makeup than usual, once we get to the makeover part of our sissy slumber party.

Everyone will get to help each other with their makeup, too. I want each sissy who attends to bring their own makeup bag. This way, everyone can try out new products and new colors that they might not have otherwise tried! This also goes for the mani/pedis as well. Bring every shade of nail polish that you have so we can all share!

Then, we’ll all work on each others’ hairdos. Make sure you bring your wigs and your hair styling tools and products. We’ll make sure everone loks like an absolute Goddess before it’s all over with. Then, we’ll have our little fun on the catwalk with music blaring!

Sexy Talk With The Lights Out

Finally, as the sissy slumber party night goes on, we’ll settle in with snacks, drinks, and movies. And when the movies are over, we can talk about boys with the lights out. Or girls, if you prefer. Or, if you’re like me, you like to talk about both!

We might even talk about sex, too. I’m thinking maybe some personal experiences might be fun to discuss. Or perhaps what kinds of toys everyone is using these days. I’m not sure yet, but I bet it can get pretty racy once the lights go out!

So if the idea of a sissy slumber party intrigues you, then you’re in luck because you’re invited! Come on down to Ms. Alyssa’s place, and let’s have some fun together.