Happy Monday! Here I am with the second installment to my Six Days to Feminization series. Day One can be found here! Remember small steps. Well day two of your feminization journey is learning how to wear panties all the time!

Putting on Panties

A lot my callers who desire to wear panties are unable to for many reasons. Some are unable to purchase them do to budget limitations or they may not have a discreet place to hide them from their wife or significant other. For others it make take a while to build up enough nerve to buy their first pair of pretty panties.

Using your Feminization Imagination

Wearing panties is a very big part of feminization and feeling feminine. But what if I told you that you didn’t have to actually wear panties to get the same results? How is this possible you ask? By visualizing and using your imagination. Using your imagination can help you expand your personal panty collection to limitless possibilities!

Picking Out Your Sissy Panties

I want you to pick out the panties you will wear for the next day. The best think about this is your inspiration can come from just about anywhere!  Check out different Mistresses at Sissy School and check out the panties they’re wearing. You can also browse through your lingerie sites, tumblr, or even the pair your wife put on today!


Now I want you to take the boxers you planned to wear today and visualize them melting into the pair of sexy lace thongs you saw your neighbor slip on through her bedroom window. Close your eyes as you put them on and imagine how good the delicate lace feels at is caresses your legs on the way up your body. Wiggle your hips a little as you pull them up over your bottom, and imagine how wicked that thong feels wedged between the soft cheeks of your girlie ass *giggle*

I Want to Put you in Panties

Visualizing can take a little practice but the more you do it the better you will become, not only at using your feminization imagination, but also conditioning your mind in all things girly! Want me to pick out your panties for you? I would LOVE to! Just give me a call and I will choose a pair of sissy panties especially for you!