I decided that since I love being a cock tease so much that I would share each week a highlighted tease post right here on my blog. Every Tuesday you will be able to find a new post about a tease topic…these can range from cock teasing to cuckold teasing and everything in between.

This weeks teasing Tuesday Post

I ran across this awesome essay about extreme cock teasing what I found so hot about this post is just how many guys like it to be extreme. I bet several of you readers are thinking oh yes babe tease me till I am weak and begging! I love it!

Women in my position you know sexy , young , confident we know how to make men horny without even trying, hell they throw themselves at us. Oh and be warned boys when I catch you staring I will tease you just to make you squirm!

So if you are a man who loves to be teased without the guarantee of being pleased you know that my sexy friends and I are all to happy to make you horny and hard all while smiling our wicked grins!

Ready to be teased? Ready for a fun cock teasing experience or even an extreme one? Well I am ready the question is are you *giggles*

Teasing Tuesday