One thing I really love to do to a guy as a prick tease Princess is to give him a good ruined orgasm. I think there’s an art to ruined orgasms, and I really like being the artist!

Personally, I think a ruined orgasm is the perfect ending to a nice, long cock tease session with me. What better way to ensure that you remember your session than by leaving you frustrated and ruined at the end, right?

Preparation For Ruination

Before I ruin your orgasm and totally wreck your day, I’m going to spend a lot of time edging you and engaging in some heavy tease and denial. I want you absolutely dripping for me when I get to the point of ruination. You need to be aching and begging for it. And as you know, I’m extremely good at teasing, so strap in for a wild ride, lol.

I’ll have you get naked, and then I’ll have you start stroking. (You’ll need plenty of lube for this, by the way.) I’m thinking some long, slow strokes to start with are what you need. I want to slowly work you up to that fever pitch of desire that I’m hoping for. And then, I’ll have you stop and recover, and then do it all over again–at least five more times, if not more. It all depends on what I think you need and what you can handle.

If you’ve got some toys, we can use those, too, whether they’re male masturbators, anal toys, or vibrators. Any or all of those can be useful for my teasing sessions with you. So if you’ve got ’em, bring ’em!

Why I Like To Ruin Orgasms

Okay, so at this point, you may be wondering, “Princess Alyssa, why do you enjoy a good ruined orgasm so much?” That’s a fair question and one I don’t mind answering. You see, the great thing about a ruined orgasm is that it’s sort of a halfway point between actually letting you cum and denying you altogether. You get a little bit of a release, especially if I just tell you to stop stroking at the very end and let what happens happen. But you don’t get the fulfillment of a full orgasm, either. So it’s kind of the best of both worlds, if you ask me.

And I’m not going to lie to you, either. I find a ruined orgasm to be quite hilarious! I especially like teasing you for a good, long while (like I mentioned above) and letting you believe I might actually let you cum this time. Then, at the last minute, I get to pull the rug out from under you and tell you to ruin it for me! That is so much fun to do to you, and funny as hell, to boot.

Come Get Your Ruined Orgasm

So if you enjoy getting a ruined orgasm–or if you enjoy trying your luck, playing orgasm roulette with a prick tease Princess–I encourage you to give it a try. I have a variety of methods I can use to help you ruin your orgasm for me, from covering the hole at the tip of your cock with your thumb when you’re ready to cum to doing something a lot meaner, like giving that cock a good whack on the head at the moment of orgasm. Whether you get the nicer method or the meaner method depends entirely on my mood!

So what do you say? Would you like to try some ruined orgasm phone sex with me today? If so, just give me a ring and tell me what’s on your mind!