Where’s My Sissy Boy

I can’t help but chuckle when I talk to femboy callers of mine, who may have been absent for  quite a while. I ask them, where have you been?! I’ve missed playing with you! The truth is I do miss them! With all my heart. Of course, they immediately feel guilty and rush to explain their wayward behaviour.

They will tell me that they’ve thrown all of their panties, toys and refrained from calling me in a fruitless attempt to ignore their “feminine” side. They have committed the Sissy Purge. Lol, It’s not the just clothes, makeup, panties, or toys that make you a girl. That comes from within. It’s a part of yourself that as much as you try to deny or repress it  will ALWAYS  be there.

Breath Sissy

What happens when you hold your breath? Eventually, your reflexes take over and you gasp for air!  That’s why when you finally let the girl in you out, you are a hungry sissy slut. She doesn’t like being hidden and denied her true nature and she’s going to make up for lost time! So stop fighting your sissy transformation. It’s going to happen. You were meant to be. You need to be a girl as much as you need to breath!

Steps To Avoid the Purge

Usually purging comes from feeling overwhelmed and out of control! You can help avoid this by taking things slow. One step at a time. Commit to doing only one new girly task once a week, focusing on adjusting to the new addition to your routine and allowing yourself to become comfortable with it. Also communicating regularly with your mistress for guidance and encouragement! Remember you will always need the guidance of a mistress!